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Question... Fruit... High sugar content


Slimming down the aisle
So I'm putting together a healthy eating plan, and I'm thinking now about fruit. I read that fruit should be limited to one a day because it has a high sugar content. An apple for example has 16g of sugar in it. So wondering, do you guys limit yourself on fruit?
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i dont limit myself on fruit as far as sugar is concerned (someone please tell me if i am wrong) we need it to gain energy, natural sugars such as those in fruit are good they give us a slow release of insulin which we need, refined sugars such as those added to sweets and junk foods are the ones we need to stay away from as they do not naturally occur in these foods they have been refined and added, these sugars give us a fast release of insulin which raises blood sugar levels rapidly and then just as rapidly drops them, which leads us to want more sugar so it does the same thing and sends the pancreas into overdrive therefore it breaks down in time and then we have the condition known as type 2 diabetes.


Slimming down the aisle
Thanks for the reply, that's what I thought, is a better sugar than refined sugars. I don't know now!
I'm allergic to citrus fruit, so I struggle... Well, not "officially" allergic, but oranges and lemons bring me out in a rash and make me heave, so we'll call that an... intolerance? Or something...

Anyway! I try to have about 2 pieces of fruit a day, and 3 veggies, I always ALWAYS try and get my 5 a day in... I know what you mean, about wanting to watch the sugar content, but I think so long as it is in moderation, more than one portion is ok. My dad has about 6 or 7 oranges a day, and he's fit as a fiddle..!


wants to get super fit!
I eat LOADS! I try and eat a wholefood diet and it's worked for me - i.e no (or limited) proccessed food.

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