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Question, in need of advice

Hi guys,

This is definitely not a (oh my god i'm so hungry so what excuse can i find) thread.

I lost 5lbs this week (yay) but when i was at the chemist i told them that i had to go to the bank and would be back tomorro to buy some more shakes.

My issue is that i def can't afford to, and i can't get a loan of parents as they had to give me 100 pound for a college trip to birmingham.

I think im prepared enough at this stage to take a refeed week to get some money together, however i dont have any shakes to the refeed like on the sheet.

One time i left my shakes behind i rang LT and they said i could have skimmed milk to substitute the shakes but just for 1 day.

Could i use the skimmed milk to replace the shakes, and do the food stuffs? or just leave the milk out all together, but still follow it to the letter.

Sorry for moaning on.. but is a last resort.
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Oh gosh hun, I really don't know. I am sorry that you're in this position though :( You are doing so well, and I want to tell you not to do a re-feed week, but I know that you are likely stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I hope someone can come along with some solid advice for you, and I'm sorry I can't provide that ((hugs))

All I can suggest is that you just eat protein instead of shakes as this will keep you in ketosis and get some of the multi vitamin tablets. This should let you gap LT until you can get some more shakes.

Keep drinking all the water.
Good luck
Thanks guys, gonna have a teeny bit of chicken or something.. i'm soo scared. my bf said he could gimme some money tomorrow, so hopefully that works out.
Missy, I've stayed in ketosis having eaten a bit of protein at the weekend. I found that I actually didn't really want it (was trying to sort medication out and ate at the pharmacist's suggestion) and certainly didn't have any desire to eat a whole plateful.......the pharmasist told me to have chicken, parma ham or something like cold roast beef. Check the packs for the carb content. It hasn't made me want to eat everything in sight if that's what you're worried about!
Hiya, I think I'd probably go along the lines of the atkins diet really. I know it was only for one meal when i was away but my nurse said to have protein (chicken, turkey, white fish, steak etc) and any veg that grows above the ground, but stick to the no fruit rule. She also said to make sure i drink my usual amount of water. If it's only for the week I'd hope this wouldn't effect your ketosis too much?

maybe ring the liprotrim people for advice too? or be cheeky and ask for samples?? lol

Best of luck with it tho, I'm sorry your having problems - i certainly know how money worries feel.

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