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question: mixing CD with LL?

Hey all fonts of VLCD knowledge!
What is the story mixing packs between these 2 diets? I know a lot of people have left LL and moved to CD because of the variety on flavours, but there also seems to be other stuff - like the very intriguing sounding mix-a-mousse which appears to add all sorts of wonderful dimensions to some of the sweet packs.
Would combining use of LL and CD packs be disastrous from a ketosis/loss perspective?
I mean, they're all manufactured in the same place so I'm wondering what could go wrong?
Anyone have any thoughts?
Cant believe that the 2 new flavours from LL are both sweet - how different can strawberry and raspberry be?? And I have a deep personal hatred of anything connected to banana's so that's out. Although the new bars sound better.
Anyway, bored bored bored just now with my packs and I'm sure mixing it up a bit would do me the world of good.
Appreciate all views as ever!:D
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Hi Tiger Girl..not too sure about mixing the packs the only thing as far as I can see is that on CD u have 3 packs therefore they are slightly higher in calories but only by about 10...dont know if there is anything extra in them that could hinder LL...Cant see what though???
I have been using the CD mix a mousse all week and lost
1st 1lb..So theres no harm there as far as I can see....
Maybe someone else will come on and enlighten this query...
OHHHHH How was the cheesecake by the way???


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The simple answer is that I just don't know.

But I am annoyed that the two new flavours are sweet (and two flavours I can't stand in artificial format) I only have the chocolate of the sweet packs and I know a lot of the girls in my group are the same so why on earth would LL introduce more sweet flavours? I guess across the board there must be a lot of sweet-toothed LLers - What I need is a tomato soup - or something beefy! Or perhaps a chicken soup that doesn't taste like chemicals!


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I will give the two new flavours a go and I'm really looking forward to the nut bar (word is that it doesn't have the taste and texture of corrugated cardboard!!) - but I have to say I'm not a banana fan either and artificial strawberry doesn't really do it for me - but at this stage I'm happy for a bit of change!

But I'd kill for a tomato soup or this cheesy brocolli they have! I tried my housemates spicy tomato and whilst it was a powdery lumpy nightmare compared to my usual soups - the taste was gooooooooood - if completely lying about the "spicy" bit!!
Mmm, tomato, or something beefy, I agree!
I have done a bit of mixing, but try to do a cambridge day or an ll day, rather than mix during the day. The mix a mousse works with both and the water flavourings are the same, but £3 cheaper in cambridge.
Mind you my losses haven't been as good as some of the others in my group- couldn't say if that was related, but I have tried to stick to ll for the last few weeks.
Red - the cheesecake was AMAZING!!! Even though I had no mix-a-mousse (which you may have guessed prompted this thread in the 1st place!) So it was a little on the runny side but the nut crunch mixed with a little water and sweetner as a base was a revelation! Going to make a chocolate one later and see how that works out.
Thanks so much for the tip :)
Hey alunsarah
You cant get it on LL - only on Cambridge. By the sounds of it though it definitely adds to the sweet packs. Maybe a CD'er on the board can give us more info?
:D Thanks Tiger Girl
I thought it was too good to be true!
Wow your weight loss is outstanding.. You are an inspiration.
xx PS Gaijingirl LOL xx:p :p :p :p


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Hello I've not heard of this ' mix a moose' on LL. Can someone please let me know what it is please..
Its a powder u add to sweet packs then mix with water and put in the fridge to set...turns them into a mousse type thing.. costs abot £2.50 from CD...Probably some form of gelatine...doesn't hinder weight loss I only use once a day...
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