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Question of tuna

I think the spring water would be fine but the sunflower oil i am guessing would be a no!!!

I'm sure you can have diet drinks from day one!!! If you search the re-feed section i'm sure theres a thread about it somewhere!!! x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Stick with tuna in brine. Some black pepper, balsamic vinegar and/or lemon juice will add flavour. Coke zero or similar is o.k. but I'd try to keep the water habit if I were you. I've never really gone back to sodas after TFR. Sugar free pop has lots if additives so I like to avoid them.


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Yep, brine or spring water would be fine, but not the sunflower or any other oil.

Without going and looking it up again, I believe the reason you can't have diet drinks in 100% is because of the citric acid content, which can knock you out of ketosis. That shouldn't matter at all once you're refeeding (you can have lemon juice on your salad, for example). I'm going to stick with fizzy water, too, but I might start having a bit of lemon in it - yay! :D

Have fun,
Marianne x

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