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Firstly, I am not pregnant!


I have a friend that is trying to get pregnant, and also loosing weight at the same time. She is loving my losses and has about 4 stone to loose. Her question is, she knows she can't do CD and be pregnant, but can she do the higher versions, 790? 1000 cals? still get a good loss whilst she is trying to conceive? it takes her a while to get pregnant but she doesn't want to stop, but realises she could looose some good amount of weight in between?!

Also, she said, I know maybe one for a midwife but if you fell pregnant when on the CD SS what would happen? Would you have to come off all together?

Hope this makes sense, and hope someone can shed some light!
Pregnancy is a contraindication to any of the Cambridge programs as the bodies needs in terms of vitamins, minerals and proteins is totally different when a women is pregnant.

Therefore if she is pregnant she would need to stop the diet immediately and follow a balanced healthy eating plan.


Here is the official reponse posted by Karensa a few weeks ago:

Hello all, sorry its taken a while but the official word is.........

If you have a client that becomes pregnant, the client may wish to continue on the diet as they have become established and enjoy the programme. At this stage you will need to explain to your client that she is now 'two' and that the programme is now unsuitable, as as per CHWP's medical guidelines, pregnancy is contraindicated. However, if your client wishes to take 1 product per day as a nutritional aid then this would be suitable....however, you need to follow the guidelines below: -

1. A new MRF will need to be signed by a Dr with "1 cambridge product a day for nutrition' written clearly across it. If the Dr does not sign the MRF, no product can be supplied.

2. Only supply the client with 7 products for the week (totalling 1 per day) and see the client weekly. We do not want the client to do sole sources and there would be a risk of this happening if more product was supplied.

3. After they have had their baby, please remember that lactating women are also contrindicated and so should not use any programmes until the baby has its source of nutrition via other means. We would also recommend that a higher programme is used when appropiate to allow the client to settle into motherhood, ie Sole Source and new baby = very hard work!!

If the client wishes to have 3 products a day, you will need to advise her that we deem this unsuitable and that you are only able to supply her with enough product for one a day on a weekly basis, and only if the GP is in agreement.

"During pregnancy and lactation, the body requirements for protein, minerals and vitamins is increased. Moreover, any interference with the normal way of life is considered undesirable. Dieting during pregnancy is therefore contraindicated. The Cambridge diet can, however, be used as a nutritional supplement"

I hope this is clear. If you have any questions, please let me know.
PR Executive - Cambridge
Fantastic responses, many thanks, have emailed her already, with the answers so think she is going to talk it over with her hubby, and then make her decision!!

I think I remember someone saying you became a bit more fertile when you started CD but can't remember why! or if it was true for that matter!
I followed cambridge for 3 months and lost 3 and 1/2 stone then had to stop because I was pregnant:) infact there was 3 of us who all fell within 2 months of each other so I would say there was something in it lol
(just to add we all had boys lol):D
Because estrogen is stored in the fat cells, rapid weight loss may cause an increase in the level of estrogen in the bloodstream. As a result:

- Increased estrogen levels can affect the regularity of menstrual cycles, and possibly increase PMS symptoms.

- Rapid weight loss along with higher estrogen levels can also increase fertility. :D