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Question .... Still or Sparkling?? Good or Bad ??


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A question for anyone's input, though input from a CDC would be great (I will be asking my new CDC at my next weigh-in).

Over the past three weeks I have had a bit of a problem with the diet in that I had two weeks of no loss at all, and then in the third week a gain of 1 lb, which I put down to a change in scales as I had to change my CDC.

Finally, I think I may have worked out what my problem is (I hope). Up until a few weeks ago I only ever drank still spring water - no flavourings, no nothing. Just neat. Then, a few weeks back I was suffering with very bad constipation and it was suggested that I try sparkling water as that has been known to alleviate such problems, so I did. To be honest, I enjoyed the "difference" with the sparkling water, and it did solve the problem which was great. I have since changed my regime so that I split my 3 litres a day to 1.5 litres still and 1.5 litres sparkling.

Anyway, whilst relaxing in the sun in the garden over the weekend, I just happened to read the "Mineral Analysis" details on the two types of water that I drink, one still and one sparkling, and I noticed something worrying.

In the still water the residual amounts of Sodium and Chlorides are 9.4mg/L and 8.1mg/L respectively. Now, the sparkling water has Sodium and Chlorides residuals of 75mg/L and 15mg/L respectively. That is approximately a 660% increase in Sodium, and a 50% increase in Chlorides. I have done a little research on the web and it seems that thay make water "sparkling" by the addition of Bicarbonates (probably Sodium Bicarbonate) which breakdown to produce the CO2 and other products, one of which is going to be Sodium based - hence the higher Sodium residual.

Now I know that not all Sodium and Chlorides will be in the form of Salt, but there is definitely going to be more "salt equivalent" in the sparkling water. I have also been told by CDC's, and I am sure that the diet book itself says that sparkling water is okay, so I am wondering if there are any details of drinking sparkling water causing water retention due to the additional salt content??

I know that I am probably grasping at straws here, but I am still striving for an explanation as to why my weight loss has just stopped, and it seems a bit strange that it started pretty much as I started drinking sparkling water ........

Maybe just coincidence ....
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both are fine according to CD, BUT as everyone is different we will react differently. I can tell you for sure with my experience with sparkling water (which I love), it put me into a plateau. As soon as I cut it out, I went back to losing as normal. Dont think it was a coincidence either because it was over the course of a month!!! Plateau for a MONTH!! UGHH. Anyway, I still have it but only as a treat whereas before I was drinking 2 ltr per day!!! This could be you too? I put itdown to the sodium and sulfur in the sparkling. It really made me retain water and bloated me.

It might seem like a silly question but as you are on 810 are you onluy having allowed foods are is your portion control correct?? That may be another explanation for STS if it isn't the water.

You could always switch back to 100% still water and see if there is a diffrance.


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I drink sparkling water all the time. This thread is certainly something for me to consider. Thanks
I love the sparkling water, drink it with loads of ice with no flavouring at all, and don't think it has affected me tbh. Maybe as has already been mentioned, you are one of the unlucky ones that it does affect. Sorry to hear your weightloss isn't going as fast as you would like, do stick at it tho x


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Hi all;

Yes, I stick to the diet as close to 100% as I can be bothered with ..... let me expand on that as it sounds bad :D

I only have the allowed foods, but I do not always weigh exactly each time. I did the first few times and formed an idea of how much of the food was involved, and now I guesstimate. For example with LF Cottage Cheese 1 small pot equates to just under 2 days allowance, so I have "about" half a pot at a go .... Quorn bag works out at "about" three days allowance, so I use up over 3 days etc. Some days I may be higher, some lower, but over the course of a few days it all balances out. Certainly no major deviations that would make a significant difference.

Also, I have stepped up to 1000 now and have started steady exercise, which I know itself causes water retention. Maybe the exercise is just compounding the problem I seem to have with sparkling water and making it worse ....

Talking to my CDC last weigh-in, she was suggesting that maybe I need to step up again as "maybe" my body is close to starvation mode due to the exercise .... but at that time I had not made the link to the sparkling water. I just assumed that as it was "okay" on CD, there was no issue.

I will work through this - I just need to know why - I am that sort or person. If I can explain it, I am okay with it!


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Different strokes for different folks. I had no clue sparkling was allowed and had not a drop for the first 4 months of SSing :) Then on a business trip I decided "to throw caution to the wind" and reward myself a taste of sparkling while everyone else was having champagne for a deal I closed. It was sheer bliss and having had a bunch more bottles I feared no loss when returning. I've noticed I lost more after the sparkling than without it!

With you I'd much rather vote for portion control than blame it on the sparkly tbh.

Good luck!


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I hear what you are saying, but it cannot be that. If anything I am having less that the allowed amounts when averaged out over the week.

As this diet works out on your calorie defecit, as do all weight loss programmes, over the week it will make no difference to my calorie defecit as some days my defecit may be slightly lower as I maybe have slightly more than my allowance, and others my defecit will be higher as I have slightly less that the allowance. Either way the defecit is so large on CD that the slight variations will make little difference - I will still be at a defecit to warrant a couple of pounds a week.

To be honest, if the slight variations that are possible with teh amount of food I am having can cause weight loss to stop, then I have BIG problems when it comes to a normal diet. If I have to eat the amount I am currently eating to maintain, then stuff that for a game of soldiers :)

I am having 2 packs a day, and one small meal. That is no way to live on a long term basis, and I won't live like that.

I know that the number of calories I am taking in puts me at a defecit. That is a fact as I have tried keeping details of everything that has gone in my mouth and then averaged out the calories over a week, and when I was doing 810 I averaged at just over 780, and my first week of 1000 I averaged 994. Close enough for me.

I continued losing on my first week of 810 doing exactly what I am doing - the only difference was I did not have sparkling water that week. That is why my suspicions fall in that area rather than me "pigging out" on my 1000kcal :)

I would be happy with a couple of pounds a week, but to lose absolutely nothing 3 weeks on the trot, whilst sticking to the diet and being permanently and excruciatingly hungry is just mental torture .....

Anyway, I have kicked the sparkling into touch now, but I have been drinking it since last weigh in, so the damage (if it is that) is already done for this week probably. We'll see - if not this week then certainly next.


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hi steve.

I have one small bottle of sparkling a night and have always lost, though my losses aren't huge, they still are losses the same. I do find with the sparkling that it actually makes me rush to the loo a lot more then with still. So I would say that as we are all different, we will all react differently too, with water, the packs and our losses. I think you know when you've had a whole week of just plain water and your plan, will it had made a difference. I'm sure its that and your losses will continue. Don't get disheartened.. you have come so far already. I don't know what your losses are as you don't post that, but if you are already upping your plans, you must be doing well :)


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I see your point on portion control. I apologize for sounding like I'm ignorantly accusing you of being careless, I didn't mean it that way.

In retrospect, what I said about the sparking didn't have any scientific basis at all and it was an indulgent emotional empiric observation. It's entirely possible that water retention is more pregnant on a higher Sodium intake, yes.

Also, upping your exercise on 810 can be the culprit, many people accuse a decrease in losses when raising exercise amounts. Is it two weeks in a row of no loss? Is there a possibility this was not the same cause for both weeks but split between exercise in one and the sparkling in the other or even a more basic reason that happens to us all - not enough water? -E.g. when your water consumption is lesser than the week before, the body will retain it more readily as I understand it.-

Nonetheless, this bellow puzzled me...

To be honest, if the slight variations that are possible with teh amount of food I am having can cause weight loss to stop, then I have BIG problems when it comes to a normal diet. If I have to eat the amount I am currently eating to maintain, then stuff that for a game of soldiers :)

I am having 2 packs a day, and one small meal. That is no way to live on a long term basis, and I won't live like that.
Ummm while I am sorry you're hungry (seems excessively hungry and like you ought to be in ketosis at 810 but you are not) I have trouble understanding two things.

A. Honest question, is 810 supposed to be 2 packs and a meal or 3 packs and a meal? -2packs sounds like less than your minerals and vitamins necessary a day-
B. What do you call "a normal diet"? I'm sure you're aware that once at goal and in maintenance you'll never be able to eat exactly the same amount of calories -or carbs- as someone of comparable weight and height who has never been obese, right? In fact, it's my understanding that to maintain, a reduced obese will have to consume 17-20% less than someone who has never been fat. You're not just gonna "stuff it for the game of soldiers" right? :D


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Okay - sounds like my ticker is not showing right.

To clear up a couple of points. I did 810 for three weeks, none of them involved exercise at all. First week was no sparkling and a loss of 2lbs, second and third weeks were w/ sparkling and both were losses of 0lbs.

I then stepped up to 1000, with exercise and sparkling and a loss of 0lbs (actually +1lbs on the scale, but I had to change my CDC and also therefore the scales. She put the difference down to scales change. My scales and gym scales indicated no change)

I am now in my 2nd week of 1000, with exercise, and sparkling up until yesterday, now just still. My scales and gym scales currently indicate zero loss.

As I am now on 1000, that is why I am 2 packs .... and it is easier to have one meal in the evening and use packs during the day.

Hope I have all info here now, even if it does not make sense!!

BTW - please let me know if my ticker is not showing. One of the replies said that I do not post losses, but they are all in my ticker.


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... to answer the last question, Yes I am fully aware of what I have to do to maintain. Been there done that. Trouble is I got injured (dislocated shoulder) which stopped my exercise regime dead. I was under strict instructions from the consultant and the physio that I was to undertake no exercise at all except what was done in the physio sessions.

The mistake that I made was to keep taking in what I was eating whilst exercising and that is where the extra pounds came from that I am shifting now.

Even though I am moaning about the extra few pounds I still have to shift, I am still 5st 7lbs lighter that when I first lost my weight 3 1/2 years ago.

Sorry if I sound like I am in a grump, but I suppose I am because I am getting frustrated with this not losing that I cannot explain. I think I am just going to take all variables out of the equation and go back to what I was doing and see if the weight starts to come off again.

I am signing off now until my happy face comes back.


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I find this very interesting as I've been doing SS (feels like forever) but started again over the past few weeks and my weight loss is very slow however.... I've actually been putting it down to my age (soon to be 51) and the fact I'm doing lots of running and the infamous "they" say muscle is heavier but what I have been doing differently is drinking shedloads of flavoured water - still not sparkling, and with Malic instead of Citric acid (only 2 flavours available) and today I saw my CDC (who drinks the same water) and she said it could be affecting my weight and suggested going back to regular water??

And yes I know people will say about the CD powders for flavouring but I don't like them...

I've looked it up and can't find any logical reason behind it as Malic doesn't bring you out of ketosis the way Citric does. The only way I can test it is by reverting to plain water again.

And Steve ...I'm still nowhere near my age 18 weight so well done you :) :) :)
Hi there, As the others have said, apparantly it's ok to drink sparkling water. I do prefer sparkling but I tend to drink still water throughout the day then just drink a couple of sparkling glasses in the evening to feel as though it's a treat, I normally do like a drink (i'm a wine person) so I use this when others are drinking around me.

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