Question time!


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I went to the gym last night with my sister, who is skinny but wants to get toned. While we were working out, a group of 6 guys about 18-19 year old maybe, started to make jokes about me. The first one was, 'when I saw the girl in pink walk in, I was like wow she's big'.

Now, even for my size, I'm a very confident person. It didn't hurt one bit. I was just annoyed for a bit because WHY would you make fun of someone who is at the gym working out?

Anyway, has this ever happened to you? How did you feel? What went through your head?

If anyone has read my thread, they know I'm addicted to working out. So yes, I will be going back to the gym tonight :)
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That is horrible , This hasnt happened to me but a friend of mine had it happen at a health club Zumba class and she was devastated and never went back , I persuaded her to complain ,i mean she was paying for her membership like everyone else and shouldnt be made to feel like that by anyone .She got a letter of apology and the members in question were approached .I dont know if anything ever happened to them because she was so traumatised she cancelled her membership and never went back.


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It's stories like this that scare bigger people off hitting the gym. I personally don't let it bother me, because I think "while I'm working up a sweat and improving my health over here, you are stood flexing your steroid induced muscles in the mirror, pretty boy" but there are plenty of people who would be bothered.

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this is the reason i could not go to a gym now. Firstly - how dare they! I would be so so mad! Secondly - I used to go to the gym but I hated it because I had it in my head that people were judging me while I was red and puffy on the treadmill :rolleyes: wish i stuck with it now though...


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Boys UGH!!!
So happy for you that you brushed it off, good for you!

Ohhh this happened to me quite recently!

I'm addicted to the gym as well. I'm a 6am goer when its nice and quiet and just the regular handful of people are in.


A new guy who wears one of those big leather belts to make sure his muscles don't fall out of his bum (or whatever they are for) haha
came up to me AFTER I did my cardio for an hour and moved onto some light weights and said "can you get off that machine? No amount of reps will help YOU"

In some twisted way he thought that he was helping me by saying this. So!! to annoy him I sat on the machine for another 15mins doing my useless reps and taking breaks in between :)

It did bother me actually when I got home because I started to think well if he said that out loud what are the rest of the people in here thinking about me.

But I've gotten this far without caring so I continue to not care about what anyone else thinks but me when it comes to the gym


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That was very immature of them. But saying that, 18-19 year old lads these days are more like 15 year olds lol.
Good on you for not letting it bother you and continuing to go. I don't think I could take such a comment and not let it bother me though, it would probably have stopped me from going :(

Years ago when I used to go to the gym I stayed in the womens only area upstairs. I would go in the evening when it was busy and I was the overweight one there, I may be saw 2 other women who were overweight. I was between 19 and 21 at the time, all the rest were young girls who were no bigger than a size 10 posing and trying to look 'hot' while jogging on the treadmill while not even working up a damn sweat (don't get me wrong, they had a nice slim figure and although I may sound it I wasn't jealous I just cannot stand posers... especially b*tchy ones). Me on the other hand was busting my a** off doing HIIT to get rid of the fat and because HIIT really takes it out of you my face would be running with sweat and I would become flushed in the face. Once these couple of girls started to talk about me and I heard them talking about how I was sweating/flushed, they thought it was weird and gross and then started laughing about me... I was so peed off I wanted to tell them to where to go but another lady there said out loud to me so they could hear "hey, at least you know what you are doing is working!". She was right I was there to achieve my goal, to lose weight and I did! I wasn't there just to pose and look good.

I don't get why people who are overweight get talked about when they go to a gym. Isn't it why they are there? to workout and lose weight along with their diet? Of course others there will be there to maintain their weight loss or to avoid weight gain but honestly I wish people would stop b*tching all the time about bigger people in a gym, like others have said it puts people off going to a gym.


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This makes me so angry..

Being a big girl, and wanting to exercise. Stories like this anger me. What right do some people have to criticize or pass judgement on others, no matter what their size or ability.

I would love to go to the gym, but because of people like this i refuse, until I have lost more weight.

I am resigned to walking, and doing keep fit videos in my lounge!

But people like that will not beat me!..and nor should they beat anyone.

Theyre words and thoughts are not worthy of our time. And soon enough, they will be eating their words..

Keep strong!..x


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I was a childminder and was taking one of my little ones to afternoon nursery. Walking across the playground and a very undesirable walking in the other direction said as he passed me hide the gut fattyI had the little person I was putting to nursery 4yrs old another little person who was 3 and and 18 month old and was so shocked I didn't say anything although I don't know what I would have said anyway aye and this was a father of a child he had just dropped off at the nursery (nice role model) :rolleyes:


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I get looks at the gym because of my weight, and the odd smirk. I hate it. When I was in Dundee, I used to jog down the Riverside, and groups of guys in cars would stop and wolfwhistle and call me names. I stopped running outside. I do go to the gym still, but it upsets me. I don't get how anyone's weight makes them a better or worse person, it's certainly not something to be judged be.


oh no thats awful. I done a very short stint at the gym a while back, and although never heard any comments, my paranoia got the better of me and I was convinced everyone was looking at me and judging. I'm supposed to be going back this eve and sticking to it.
My advice would be - get your ear phones in, whack up the tunes and concentrate on yourself!


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I think thats the one thing that really puts me off going to the gym. I'm sure the majority don't even look, let alone thinks/says horrible comments, but inside my head its always there.


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Well done to you for not letting those idiots get you down! :) I wish I could be like that lol


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I used to go to one if those posh gyms with a spa and pool. I thought it would be a great place to start working out at but I couldn't of been more wrong, It was full of snobby middle class health freaks who seemed to smirk and laugh whenever I walked in. I had a 3 month membership and went 5 days a week and in that whole time not one person spoke a word to me.
My boyfriend is a competitive bodybuilder and goes to an old school bodybuilding gym that's in an old run down factory, it's full of huge muscly men, the gym itself is huge but since its primarily for muscle building there's only a tiny room with cardio equipment and the rest of the gym is full of every kind of weight machine you could think of lol, well lastweek I braved it and went along with my OH, I had the best workout I've ever had, I was the only female in there and did feel a little intimidated to begin with but since all the guys in there are not really interested in the cardio machines I had the treadmills and cross trainers to myself and they where all great in giving advice about toning up using weights. They didn't judge me about my weight an seemed to get the whole idea of everyone has to start somewhere. I think from now on I'll give the "posh gyms" a miss and go old school lol

People can be so cruel but try not to let it get to you, use it as a incentive to prove them all wrong!



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I work at a women's gym and this happens sometimes, not much now I have told some people off.

I also had that reaction when I would go running, but after awhile I think I must have motivated others in our neighbourhood to run, because more people came out running and some came and talked to me and said how proud they were of me. It's weird isn't it, some people are just rude. I make it my mission to make people feel welcome no matter their size or anything else for that matter, I am just proud people are getting themselves moving.


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You have to feel sorry for these people really. You are doing somthing to improve your health but they will always be stupid.