Hi Ladies,

Just wanted your advice, have been CD SS for 1 week now and have my weigh in tomorrow evening (so excited!)

This is quite expensive for me to do on a long term basis and wondered if anyone had done CD and then gone onto another diet (Slimming World for example) and if they had put all the weight back on?

Thank you

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I find that i have saved a lot doing the diet. When i amounted what i usually spend, add in the snacks on the go etc.

But then again, i am probably the worlds most unsavy shopper! I think you would just need to very gradually increase the carb, but sure someone will be along that knows more.

Well done getting through a week! xx


One day at a time :)
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The best thing to do is work your way up through the steps as written in the books to come off gradually then start another diet...


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Hello i have done this twice came off CD then on to WW to maintain, Im back on Cd to loose 10 lbs then will go back to WW.!

When i have done this i gained 1 lb once back on eating foods. I choose not to go up the plans, and have been fine everyone is different i am not going to loose weight and then go back and stuff myself silly and then gain the weight back on.!!
IM IN CONTROL!!!! i got to goal weight in september and havent gained weight to this date.!

I do have treats but not everyday anymore.! hahaha

Good luck "it can be done im proof" lol x


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depends how you play it if i'm totally honest!

PErsonally, i find it cheaper doing CD then not as i'm not spending money on take-aways/meals out etc!

SW is another matter....if you come off CD and go straight onto Green days on SW then you will pile on the glycogen within about a second because of the sheer volume of carbs you can eat....however, if you go onto red days of meat and salad/veg, then its not too dissimilar to the food you have going onto 810 anyway. I would personally recommend working up to 1500 plan before you go elsewhere....but thats just me! :D