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So, a get together of old school friends...I dont want to be the one in corner sipping water all night! It's going to be at someones house, they are getting loads of take away pizza and nibbles and of course alcohol. I have been so looking forward to seeing everyone! Trouble is Im on SS. Now, the I 'take a night off' and suffer the consequences or have to sit there all night miserable and keep answering questions as to why Im not eating, drinking etc.. I know the offical answer but please some honest advice and ...what would you do? HELP!
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My advice would be to stay on plan!:) Maybe you're stronger willed than me but any deviation for me would have been the end of it. Probably not the advice you're looking for but i didn't go off plan at all - was too scared of the consequences:D

Have a great night whatever you decide.


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My CDC said to me, if I was offered a night out (one off), to take it and continue the plan the next day because otherwise denying yourself everything could cause you regret and maybe eventually falling off the plan completely.

Do what you think is best for you.


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My head tells me to stay on plan as I've just got into ketosis and don't want to spoil it, my heart tells me lifes to short so sod it :rolleyes:. If you can, stay on plan, we invest a lot in this way of dieting, your friends will understand xx


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this is very individual

Only you know what's best

I would never deviate so early on into ss personally it's a recipe for disaster,,,, but that's me!!

Do whatever you feel you can handle


Sarah Lou

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This is the million doller question and I am sure we have all been there :eek: it is totally up to you, however, if you are in ketosis you will almost certainly come out of it and have to go through the carb withdrawal all over again.

Its my Birthday today and some close friends have suggested we have Saturday night in with pizza, wine and the wii :eek: This could of been fatal as I would be only three days in on my restart, but I just can't be bothered this time to mess about. I have bought sparkling water and will drink it from a wine glass and have my bar.. i've always found it hard to get back on track after a blip.. I'm certainly no angel :D but i want this done and dusted asap

I know its a pain explaining why your doing what your doing and some people just won't except it, but thankfully the people who mean something to me let me get on with it as for anyone else they can think what they like..

I just think the more I hop off and on the cd train the longer the journey will take.. only you can decide, but whatever you do I hope you have fun :)


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Just one more thing

I also used to think , oh sod it lifes too short for being good on such and such occasion, but hey... That's why I got so fat!!

Be strong, your friends won't care ;)


Shoe Queen!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 1st0lb(7.14%)
Aww thanks peeps, that has given me food for thought...excuse the pun!
One hand life is too short to deny myself a good time on the other life is too short to be this size!.....I will ponder this one for a while and make a desicion nearer the time. It wont be for another 3 weeks so I have time to see where Im at with CD ....thanks again ...invaluable opinions and advice as always! :D