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It's probably a silly question but........

I know that the point of taking Xenical is to reduce your fat intake but there may be occasions when it's hard to keep within the fat allowance, e.g. meals out. I have 2 coming up this week! I'm going to try and make sensible choices but don't think it will be within the rules. In these situations, is it best to take a tablet or not take a tablet or what? If I don't take a tablet will I avoid side effects? If I do that though, will it spoil my diet? Help!

Thanks everyone x :)
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cos i need this xxx
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i ususally take my tablet regardless cos if i miss on i still seem to et side effects from a bad meal - possibly the orlisat still in my syste from previous (?) i guess just make the healthiest choices and play it safe if ur new to xenical, its a steep (and often orange(!)) learning curve!!!



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personally if it is an unavoidable meal out, then i would stop tabs a day or two before, and the start them back up the next day (usually dinner) i cant afford to be sitting on a loo all day with looking after kids... but if you are at home, you may be able to get away with such things...

its totally up to you. if you want orangeness. take the tablets.
it will hinder your weight loss though.. as you will be consuming more fat than you should be on a diet like this.

hope its helped..
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If you really want to avoid the side effects then stop the tablets a few days before as has already been said. OR take the healthy option, steak and salad for instance I love with no dressing, or a jacket spud. If you have no control eg a relatives house where you have to eat what's put down then you're safer stopping than dealing with the consequences.

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If I want to eat out, and I know it's going to be high fat, I usually just skip the tablet for that meal, and sometimes for the one before if I remember.
I've always been OK doing this, but I know some people still have side-effects up to 48 hours after taking their last tablet, so it's about trial and error.

As Kes says, it depends on what you have planned for the next day, and whether you're planning to chose carefully from the menu, or just have whatever you fancy.

Sorry, that doesn't really answer your question, but if I were you, I'd definitely skip the Xenical if you're planning to have something high-fat. It really isn't worth risking the side-effects the next day.

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In my opinion, it depends how badly you want to lose weight. I had a similar dilemma a few weeks ago and it turned out fine. I just ate what i knew was safe. I have been doing this for nearly 4 weeks and so far i have lost 16lbs. That includes a weekend where i drank 3 bottles of wine!! I have been out for 4 meals and chose sensibly. Normally have steak and jacket spud. I even pinch one of hubbies chips. But i have NEVER had a side effect from this. although i'm not saying that everyone will be able to get away with drinking so much.

If it was me, i would chose sensible off the menu and then carry on.

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