An anyone tell me if this diet can be done as a 2 meal replacement and a meal in the evening as I am struggling with a few things at the moment especially cooking/preparing all this food for 4 other people in the family. Some days I breeze through and other days it will be harder. Ok at the moment but it's tuff going. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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On the sheet which they send through it says that you can do that, although it won't be a VLCD. They say you can contact them for recipe advice if this is the route you want to take.


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Hiya, I really struggled to start with, preparing meals for my husband and son, but what makes it easier for me now is making my meal at the same time and sitting down and eating with them, i alternate days between chilli or spag bol & mushrooms on top of salad leaves, cucumber and shallots, or have cottage pie mixed with swede, white cabbage, leeks and shallots, i always have a fizzy water or cola zero in a wine glass (makes me feel special :D) and keeps me on track! xx


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I think you'd need to up the calories in the evening meal Nunny as a very low calorie meal on top of the packs would probably not be nutritionally balanced I think. And it would be no good having a carby meal really as that defeats the object of the diet. I'd have 3 packs and the protein / veg option if I had to have a meal.


Spoke to slim and save online chat and discussed this with them and they are quite happy for this to be done, if I stick to a lower carb meal i will still see a good weight loss but may not benifit with the effects of ketosis ie not feeling hungry!. But the losses should still be good. Haven't decided yet if that's the way to go yet, as my problems maybe due to a untimely TOTM and a nasty one too, and these usually make me very hungry also. So we will see in few days.