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I find it quite hard to entertain myself at the weekend. It's good for me though as this diet is forcing me to learn how to enjoy myself without food! Since starting LL I realised how much time I spent eating! Especially at the weekend. Especially Sunday afternoons, I'd wonder over to the garage, grab a couple of magazines then lots of comfort food. Very bad habit.


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Yes I would do the same. Or cook something delish and scoff the lot. Hence the jigsaws now they keep my hands and mind busy. Although I must say I have lost days just focussing on what I am doing. I have even thought of taking up knitting that will also be something to keep me busy.

Meant to mention on the other thread, you are a really pretty lady.
yep me too i woud happily plan my weekend around food/drink but now i cant i actually see a lot more of friends/family cuase i have more time - if that makes sense, i'm not even worried about easter everyone knows i'm doing it so drinking water wont be a problem when we are all out enjoying ourselves

god i'm strange


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Weekend is my 14 year old birthday so she is having a sleep over with take away. Oh and cake, me and the OH are staying upstairs watching tv they are staying downstairs on camp beds with loads of dvds.
Tange thanks for the compliment... I'm a bit rubbish at taking compliments.
I do miss cooking I have to say. I live alone and have no children so have no one to cook for. :(
hiya all im working this weekend so that keeps my mind occupied, although its week 3 now for me ive never did so much cleaning!! got loads of energy, im taking it this is normal???? or am i mad....

week 1 - 8.8lbs
week 2 - 4.2lbs
Yeah I have much more energy too which is strange. You'd think you'd feel lethargic with so few calories. Must be all that fat we're buring off...yay
Well I got a phone call earlier from my son who's in the RAF - turns out that one of his mates on base lives close to here and he's giving my son a lift home for the weekend while he comes home, split the fuel costs etc so that's brilliant - really made my weekend. He's only 19 and I don't half miss him :)

Apart from that I'm planning a very restful weekend, been a long hard slog at work this week but I must admit to feeling better knowing that I've got a lot cleared.

Might nip out and have a look for some wool/patterns to knit my slimmer self something.
your probably right Betty, OH has never seen the house so clean so hes not complaining, ive even got to the bottom of the ironing basket, and thats never happened for at least 2 years! think hed like to meet my LL counsellor just to shake her hand

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