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Is it normal about half way through foundation for your motivation to wane?
I am finding it very difficult to stick to abstainence now. I am 6 weeks in and lost 2st so am much happier with my figure and getting loads of complements. I know I have a stone and a half to go to be at my target weight but feel like giving up. My partner is practically suicidal because we haven't been out for dinner in 6 weeks and he's lost his drinking partner, although he is supportive of my weight loss. When I see how unhappy he is it makes me want to stop. We are in the restaurant business and i think am I wasting my time as food is our life, I will be surrounded by food and drink all day and am expected to be social with meals out all the time, so what's the point? I'll probably put it on when I stop. sorry moan moan moan but I'm really struggling with the lack of tasty food and a social life!!
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Hi Weev,

Not sure how normal it is but I certainly hit a wall just before half way. I have 7 stone to lose and round about the 3 st mark I was also faltering. The good thing is that I didn't, stuck with it and now I'm chipping away nicely at it and I'm sooo pleased I didn't crack. I had a really bad week at work and I was sitting in a bar with a mate drinking water (as we do) and she was lashing into pints and I would have given my right eye to have a drink that night, I was so miserable. But she let me drone on and on and on and then a bit more and wouldn't let me crack and for that I am grateful to her.

It doesn't last long, you can and will get thorugh it, just ride out the storm and you will be soo pleased when you do.

Step away from the food and drink. Your partner will have his drinking buddy back in no time, just a little more patience.


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Hi Vicki,

I think its normal to want to get back to what you had before. And it does make it harder when you are constantly getting compliments and you feel so good about yourself.
Remind yourself why you went on the diet, re-evaluate your goals and if you decide that you definately want to get to that goal, then be single minded about it. I am sure your partner will understand if you tell him how important it is for you to do this for yourself.

Hang in there. It is hard and harder for you I presume being surrounded by food.
It is all worth it in the end.


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I think most of us go through this, but you have to be doing this for yourself. You must not stop because of your partner - if you do you will only blame hm for making you stop when you are still unhappy and oerweight in 5 years time.

The diet is about you - you deserve to do it for you. You need it for you.

Focus on his support and tell him how you feel and that you feel you are letting him down, but it is absolutely critical for you to fix your food/drink problems.

Good Luck


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I have weeks like this alot when it just seems so difficult and you really just want to eat, especially when you are getting slimmer and feel so much better about yourself. My last stone and a half really has been an up hill struggle, luckily I only have 8lbs left to go until goal but even they seem far away sometimes! I would say just think about the reasons why you started in the first place. Are you really happy where you are now, and also think in the grand scheme of things it really isn't that long you have to wait before you're back to normal, but looking fabulous and feeling so confident and happy!


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Cheers for all your support. I now feel even worse cos at dinner time I caved and ate the left over steak the kids were eating along with 2 slices of bread and just before I started my work I have stuffed 4 fun size toffee crisps down my gob too! I'll never be in ketosis now. You were all right, I know my original goal of 1.5 st loss than now is where I truly want to be and the complements are from people who have never seen me thinner. It has only been 2 weeks since I last lapsed. I really have to try harder or I am chucking £66 down the drain. Thought about doing the last loss with weight watchers if I can't stay off the food, but this has worked well. Must try much harder!!! Can't even tell my hubbie I cheated he would be livid. Thanks for your support, and you are all doing well. Good Luck. x


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Vikki don't give up - okay you've lapsed but at the moment it is just that, just a lapse - you haven't give up. Just try and stick with it for another 6 weeks or so and you'll be at your target whereas if you do give up it could take a lot longer.

I think the compliments can make it more difficult to do the diet in some way as we feel better - but they'll be so much better when you're at your goal ---- and most importantly you will feel right.


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Cheers Katie, I know you are right. I have to keep going, and stop eating little things here and there and think that it won't matter, they are getting more frequent and if I'm not really careful I'm going to crash and burn. I want to finish foundation and if I stick to abstainence I think I could get to my target weight. You are dong really well, have you eveer wobbled and fallen off?


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I have Vikki which is why I know how bad it can feel to just give up - I did LL last year and lost just over 5 stone, compliments were flooding in, I felt great, was in a size 16 or 18 for first time in about 18 years. I then tried on a skirt that I'd bought in a size 14 from Next and I got it on and it fastened - it was way too tight to actually wear but the fact that I'd got it on totally freaked me and madly from that day on I really gave up on the diet. Thought I was okay as I was but really I was just in a mental whirl -- don't think my mind had fully caught up with what had happened to my body in those few months. To cut a long story short in the 5 months between coming back on the diet I piled the weight back on - didn't care what I ate/drank etc.

Then at Christmas I knew that I was only making myself unhappy so I started back on LL in January and this time I could feel from the start that my head felt different, kind of more accepting of the changes. I've now lost the 59lb and on my home scales today I actually got into the 12's stones mark (so I'm jumping for joy here) - I've never been as light as this since I was about 19 and I'm now 39 and it feels great ...... thinking about it I'll have to go try that skirt on and see how it fits now.

Also while I've been doing it this time I've got to be honest and say that I've eaten - it was planned as I was going on a 3 day course and you had to work through the meal times but whereas I should have stopped eating on the Thursday when the course finished, I didn't I carried on eating all over the Bank Holiday weekend and started back on the diet on the Tuesday ---- and I so wish I hadn't ate as because of the weight I put on doing that then today I'm at the point where I was the week before going on the course ---- nope it's just not worth it.

Honestly abstinence is the key to getting there quickly - if we can all stick to it then we'll sooner be at target and then we can learn the rules of eating properly in a managed, controlled way so that we can enjoy our lives at a size/weight that we want. Best of luck Vikki, we're all behind you all the way/weigh :)
Thanks. I was beginning to think I wasnthye only one with no willpower, as everybody seems to be doing very well. I contiunued to eat yesterday as I was catering a wedding and worked 17hours. Started off on bars then caved in the evening and ate the worst stuff o the buffet inc 3 pieces of Pavlova!!! Anyway so tired and bloated today have not eated anything. Hopefully with exercise and keeping to the plan I'll ba back in ketosis this week and not too much damage done by weigh in on wed eve. I'm not ging to mention this lapse at the class and just get n with it. I feel I made an adult decision to eat. I weighed it up and thought this is what I am going to do and ok this jeapordises my target weight, but I am so close to jacking it all in, I felt a normal weekend would boost my morale and it has done. I know I will continue the programme. It must be a great feeling to be the lightest you have been in 20 years. If I get to my target weight it will be 15 years since I'll have been that weight. I was that weight when I met my husband and off course with him being a chef, food has become our life. I will have to take the lighter option from now on my am sure we can still have fun!
Vikki x


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Please don't do yourself down, you give this diet the best shot that you can for yourself and nobody else -- don't compare yourself to others either in how you can/cannot stick to it or in how much you lose. This is a fight that we're doing together but basically we're doing it alone ... we can support each other but can't do it for each other.

I do the best I can, I'm not perfect, I know that and I don't claim to be --- I have had planned lapses and will no doubt have more, however the rest of the time I am sticking to it when I can to the very best of my ability. In my reckoning I've eaten for 5 days since the 7th Jan, well that probably means that I've stuck to it for about 120 days -- now that's not bad if you ask me.

Some people will stick to it non stop from start to finish, now I'm not putting them down for that in any way, they're to be applauded for it, however you're not to put yourself down just because you don't. My worry is that by comparing ourselves to others we're more likely to see bad in us and that will lower our motivation etc and that's no good at all.

Don't do yourself down and you be proud of every lb you lose and every compliment you get .... they're yours and nobody elses xx
I suppose you are right that if you break it down I have only lapsed 3.5 days. Apart from last night, it has been lapsing with sensible options and portions. I have followed the programme in between and exercised every day. So all in all I'm doing well. We started off with 12 in our class and there is only 7 left. So that is another positive. I am wearing my old clothes from 4 years ago and if I get any smaller I will be in smaller clothes than I've been in for 15 years, so hooray for me!! You have done brilliantly to have been on the programme since Jan and had only 5 lapses. Give yourself a big pat on your back!

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