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you do have to do it hon. i'm not sure about the details. it's meant to introduce food into your life in a gradual way. and NICE has a specific amount of time you are supposed to stay on a vlcd without any other nutrition without damaging the body. there is a big thread about it somewhere and i think the end conclusion was that you can spread it out, have one aam day a week or something. but i can't quite remember. i'm sure a cdc will be about soon to help. i haven't got there myself yet, sorry :)

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AAM was a requirement under the COMA recommendations. You had to have an AAM every fifth week, this is the same as the SS+ with food.

When the NICE guidance came in this was removed and you are now allowed to SS for 12 weeks straight but must do 810 in week 13.

Some CDC's still recommend AAM - the difference now is that as a client you can choose whether to do it or not.


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thanks Linda i just dont feel like im ready to do it yet wanna get through 1 week without nibbling 1st

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