Back On CD.......
This may sound daft but I do really wanna lose a stone before xmas which I know is do-able, but I have a fair few meals & nights out to go to therefore I know I couldnt possibly SS during this time.

I am finding it really hard anyway to SS, especially this time of year but I am trying my best.

If I do decide to SS then the minute I eat 'normally' again I will put on 6lb straight away wont I? :confused:

Even If I manage to stay the same over xmas I will be happy, just my head & heart is not in CD at the moment.
I cant seem to get back into it.

Any Advice??
Hey Kel, how about doing 790 for a while, or CD1000 if necessary? Both of those plans really work - if you follow them to the letter (something I can't always do!! Doh!)

You will put the weight on if you eat carbs and starch etc, can you stick to a low carb when going out??

its so hard at this time of year!
I'm trying to stabilise after coming off SS, I did a week AAM, then a week 790 but after that was ill and confused and couldn't cope with the steps. So I've been trying to keep to low carb, as Vicky suggests. But it is quite difficult to get my eating into any kind of pattern or routine. This is sounding muddled, but what I'm trying to say is even if you decide to drop SS until after Christmas it may be difficult to get into a maintenance regime during that time. You might find it easy but it really hasn't been for me.