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im doing celebrity slim which is 2 shakes 27grams of card each and a low carb meal plus two snacks such as an atkins bar or cheese, my meal normaly consists of a salad made from iceburg lettuce, mushrooms a bit of orange pepper and a sprinkling of cheese and i use the atkings morning break bars for snacks i also use about 150=200ml of skimmed milk im tea, my question is if i stopped the shakes would my carb intake be aprox 20grms as id like to do atkins but love my salad, sorry for rambling
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Hi Sharon, you might find the induction phase of Atkins a bit difficult if you eat a very large amount of salad veggies.
hi thanks for the replie would i be better doing away with the salad, i normaly have a handfull of lettuce 3 chopped mushrooms and 4 pepper strips
Jim am i doing it wrong then as im eating quite a bit of green salad leaves, u seem to get an awful lot for what we are allowed!!!!!
Thats what i dont get claire, the book refers to cups of things ( as in how much ) and in the book the carb count is always much higher than whats on the packets!!!!
Morning all.

Jules that cup is an American cup, i.e. what we'd call a coffee mug. That's quite a bit when you think of three mugs of chopped green a day. That allows a generous salad for lunch and dinner.

When I was on induction I tended to have a large breakfast, all protein meat and salad for lunch and then meat and steamed broccoli and cabbage for instance for Dinner.
so if my typical day was,
atkins bar,
atkins bar
and 150mls of skimmed milk would that be ok
No milk on Atkins, you can have the cream as that is the Fat of the milk, skimmed is just the remainder and contains the sugar Love. And I'm presuming you'd be having legal veggies with your Tuna and Chicken
yes ill have some legal veg never thought of swaping skimmed milk for cream but il do that , thanks for your help
im going to start on monday and see how i get on have you tried the atkins shakes or are they not worth bothering with


Wannabe Lean!!!
I didn't even know you could get atkins shakes. Where do you get them from? Are the bars nice then? :)
Rela the bars are lovely!!! You can only have certain ones on induction though then all of them after that, you can order the shakes online

P.s u c an get the bars in boots xx
they sell the shakes in tesco there 1.5 carb per shake the bars are also sold in tesco but at the moment are on offer in boots the bars come in choc chip caffee nut, strwaberry and cranberry there all about 2 to 3 grms of carb , they also do advantage bars in boots that are about 3 carbs and there really nice and very filling
You can make your own protein shakes, I used to do it all the time when I was low-carbing. Powdered egg white (you can get it in the baking section of supermarkets) with either unsweetened soya milk or coconut milk and some sweetener and ice cubes to thicken it. If you're off induction you can add some frozen raspberries and/or cocoa powder.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Cool will have a nosey in Boots, dunno about making my own shakes though, powdered egg white sounds a bit icky LOL
Rela theres an online shop called avidlite that sells all the atkins products, i went on and placed an order but cancelled it when i saw how much the postage and packaging cost, rather pricey

The online low-carb shops can be pricey. To be honest, I always have been of the view that keeping manufactured l-c products to a minimum is the best thing to do. Mind, you I get cravings if I eat the bars so I stay off them anyway.

Rela, the powdered egg white does sound yucky but you can't taste it once you mix it with other things and it doesn't go lumpy like whey protein powder does.

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