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questions about indian..


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I think I'm right in saying that chicken danshak and chicken rojan josh are 6.5 syns.. And so I'd probably count 10 to be safe if I was eating out and couldn't weigh..

But I'm wondering about the dry tandoori meat (chicken and lamb tikka, lamb chops etc) I was thinking that as it wasn't in saue it would be less but just read somewhere that it had 9 syns.. Was wondering if anyone could clarify? X
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You can never be exactly sure when it comes to syns, someone posted ages ago that whilst the "average" value for a certain chinese meal (don't recall which) was 6.5 syns, the actual weight of that meal worked out at almost double!
So, you'd be right to over estimate the syn value.

That said, I almost always have the dry tandoori meat - chicken, prawns and lamb, and I don't count the syns, but I have it with boiled rice and salad. If it is any syns then it's got to be lower than a curry (just my opinion of course!!)


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I've always wondered how SW boffins have managed to come up with a lower syn value for dry tandoori meat than they have for a rogan josh - and I still dont understand.

I really wish they would illustrate their rationale just a little bit when it comes to generic average values - I would never assume that every rogan josh in any indian restuarant all around the country would be exactly 6.5 syns - but I would like to know what's so special about it that makes it lower than a bhuna, or jalfrezi etc.

I tend to just try to apply common sense ususally - its just my common sense seems to contract the SW boffins in this instance.

My instinct (based on EE which is what I do) would say:

Dry tandoori/tikka/shaslik (no sauce etc) = lowest syn
curries in tomato based sauce (rogan josh/bhuna/dhansak) med syns
curries in creamier sauces (tikka masala, korma) highest syns

Naan breads/paratha/chapati = NOOOO, vvv bad!

Deep fried thingies (samosas, bhajis) also v bad!!

Papadoms - one or two max okay. Pickles etc in moderation (but munch away to your hearts content with the onion salad!

Boiled rice good - other rice less so

But then what do I know!


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jaylou said:
I wouldn't count to be honest. I'd just call it my day's syns and that's it!
I'll just call it my 15 syns 'cos I count down from 105(trying to keep to 70 cos I only have a stone left to lose) and pat myself on the back for avoiding beer :) thanks! X

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