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  1. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    I'm getting ready for soups. I stumbled across some cool stuff in the store, and if I am SSing and want to keep ketosis, which of these are okay and which should I not get?

    Marinara sauce: 0 carbs/cals/fat/sugar, 350mg sodium, 1gram protein, Ingredients: water, tomato paste, salt, worchestershire sauce, sodium benzodite, sucralose, garlic powder, herbs, soy protein, xanthan gum, citric acid.

    Chocolate syrup: 0 cals/fat/sugar, 35 mg sodium, Ingredients: water, defatted cocoa powder, caramel color, cellulose gum, sucralose, salt, vanilla flavor, lactic acid, xanthan gum

    Chicken Seasoning: 180mg sodium, Ingredients: salt, monosodium glutonate, spices, paprika, onion, dextrose, silicon dioxide, modified corn starch, torula yeast, partially hydrogenated soybean and cotton seed oil, autolyzed yeast, garlic

    Chicken Spices: 75 mg sodium, garlic, salt, onion, spice, parsley, orange peel, paprika, green bell pepper

    Also, are things like curray powder, onion juice, chopped onions (dry), and garlic juice okay?
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  3. bridie

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    hun th main thing to be careful of is how much salt they have in them as salt causes water retention. curry powder is fine but the others i wouldnt no. if i were you i would be very careful and use v small amounts on one day and see if you are still in ketosis th next day. thats the only way you will find out.
    keep us posted as it sounds fab if you can have them.
  4. Amanda71

    Amanda71 Silver Member

    As far as I know-none of those would be ok :(
    It's a no-no to tomato, any forms of citric acid, salt/sodium and onions. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
    I'm sure someone else will be along to tell you what you are allowed though :)
  5. Amanda71

    Amanda71 Silver Member

    As bridie said though curry powder is probably ok as it's generally a combination of coriander, cumin, fenugreek and turmeric
  6. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    I suppose it's a good thing I am a fan of curry chicken. ;) I have a favorite dish I might see if I can replicate the flavor of. They cook the chicken pieces in some form of curry sauce and mix with spinach and almonds. Very delish. Maybe I can add some herbs, curray powder, and almond extract to the soup to get the same flavor.... will have to experiment.
  7. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

  8. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    What on earth is in those?!

    They would be amazing (if we are allowed them!)
  9. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    I've got no idea, but I'm doing the 200 calorie meal and was wondering if they were suitable for use over our leafy greens and protein?
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