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questions from a newbie!

Hi everyone,
I'm considering Atkins and have a few qns that maybe some of you lovely people can answer?
How much on average do you lose on Atkins? I know it's different for everyone. I want to be regularly losing 2lbs per week, which I have been able to do in the past by simply counting calories, but I've always thought I want to try a high protein, low carb approach. If I keep an eye on my calorie intake and stick to the induction phase in terms of carbs, can I expect 2lbs a week?
Also, is it ok to do the induction phase for more than 2 weeks? I am going on holiday in 7 weeks and would like to lose as much as possible, but continue to eat (rather than do a food replacement diet).

A little about me: I'm a yo-yo dieter and have done a variety of diets over the past year or so. Since last Summer I've lost around 3 stone - 1st by calorie-counting, more recently by a food replacement VLCD. I love how quick you lose on the VLCDs, but I just can't stick it out for more than a few weeks. So I thought, rather than have a total blow out and binge (which I can feel coming on!), I'll start Atkins instead. I have another 2-3 stone to lose and am determined to get there by October (if I can).
I find that I get bored of diets quickly and I've managed to lose 3st simply by changing things up... and I think Atkins is next on my list!
Plus... I love meat!
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I think the 2lbs loss a week is very achievable. If you are on induction, you may have more
yeah, definitely if you stick rigidly to it you could lose 2lbs a week - though do't focus on the calories -that's not how Atkins works. A lot of ppl actually find they consume more calories on it and still lose impressively. You can do induction for longer, though I'm not exactly sure just how long. I'm planning to it for another 9 weeks and have been on it almost 7 (give or take a blip. ahem. ) Atkins could realistically get you to goal by October if you manage to stick without blip. It is a lifestyle thing though. Try it and if you feel good you may well see the back of your yo-yo dieting. That's what I'm hoping for too. Well done on how well you've done so far and good luck!


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What out for the dreaded hidden carbs, little suckers! Cut caffeine, ditch drinks containing citric acid, for malic acid etc. I don't like plain water, so I buy Sainsburys still flavoured water (the Raspberry & cranberry, and the pear and blackcurrant)
im at the end of my second week of induction and for the last 5 days i've lost 1lb per day. ( removed sausages from my diet and noticed a huge improvement on first week)
Thanks so much for the very helpful replies and encouragement everyone! Just what I need to give me the extra 'oomph' I need to get started. I've made my meal plan for the week, based on the induction rules, and have bought in all the ingredients I need. Perhaps someone could have a quick look over my plan to see if you think it's ok for induction:
start most days with eggs (scrambled or boiled) with some ham;lunch will be a variety of salads -with ham, tuna, smoked salmon, sometimes a little goat's cheese; dinners will be either salmon fillet or chicken breast wrapped in parma ham, with salad. I've bought some olives for snacks, and some SF jelly for treats.
Any other ideas for brekkies or snacks? That's what I'm struggling with!
Thanks again!


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That sounds spot on Kay - and glug as much water down as you can :)


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Hi Kay. Sounds good and good luck:)
Sounds good Kay....a nice wee brekky for me if in a hurry is a few pieces of ham rolled up with phili cheese inside :)
Hi Nikki,

Just wondering whether were allowed the new flavoured philli cheese? There a few to choose from and i like to snack on it with cucumber lol
Ooooh I'm not sure Paigesmum....I haven't seen them yet...sounds like they'd be yummy tho! Have u compared them to the original phili for carb content? X
No but i'll have a look in Tesco tomorrow and let you know :) Once was sweet chilli and another something oniony (probs too high) but will see !
Had a look today and the spring onion and black pepper light philly that i bought was 4.7g carbs per 100g which i thought wasn't too bad at all. The other flavours were pretty much the same give or take less than 1g x

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