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Questions, hex's and syns GREEN



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2 x HEBs and either 1 or 2 HEAs (up to you)
Start on 15 syns a day and see how it goes
And you can have 113g chicken (raw weight) as a HEB on a green day



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How many A's and B's am i meant to have on a green day???
Also should i start at 15 syns or lower (i start tomorrow) and i have just over 1 and a hlf stone to lose

How much chicken is a hex b on green?
im new!:p
You're meant to have 1 or 2 A choices a day and 2 B choices on a green or red day. You can choose to have 1 or 2 As depending on if you're breastfeeding, still growing etc. But you must always have 2 B choices.

On a green day 113g of chicken serves as a healthy B choice. And as for syns start with 15 and adjust according to your weight loss.
Thank you!

What should i count for one chicken breast?
Also i dont really like dairy and am not sure how to use my A!
Thank you! What should i count for one chicken breast?
Bit confused as it will be from a whole chicken, roasted.
Sorry for all the questions but in my book it says that tbsp of gravy is 1 syn, is that 4 tbsp of made up gravy or 4 tbsp of granules?


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Cooked chicken needs to be 71g as your HEB on a green day.
I.e. HEB chicken = 113g raw or 71g cooked

As for gravy, it's 4 tbsps already made up that is 1 syn not the granules. If you were to have a whole chicken breast (which is roughly 180g then you need to syn what's leftover from the 113g HEB so it'll be roughly 1 HEB + 3syns for a whole chicken breast. As a guide 20 calories = 1 syn.
Hope I haven't confused you!
No thats fantastic honeyoc!!!
I thought i woud have to syn extra for the chicken on that day but i wasnt sure how many more syns to count for it on a green. Ive not got any info yet, so im just trying to work things out the best i can for this week!
Looking forward to my roast dinner tomorrow now!!!! :D

Can i ask another quick q?

Are there certain amount of pasta/potato you are meant to have on a green or is it unlimited?
I understand its meant to be 1/3 of the plate on EE


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There's no set quantity of pasta or other starches that you can eat on a green or an EE day. The quantity you eat should be determined by your satiation point. So just eat enough to satisfy you, not leaving you stuffed or wanting more. Even though it states explicitly to have 1/3 superfree veg on EE, I think it's a good idea to adopt that principle on all plans. Nothing but good can come out of eating lots of veg!
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Thank you! :D
I love veg anyway so that wont be a problem for me!
Thank you! :D
I love veg anyway so that wont be a problem for me!


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as for the HEA query - try to use your A's on Cheese? I dont like Milk at all - so have babybels, grated cheese etc x
I posted a new thread about this? Could you have a peek at it for me? :D

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