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Questions of moving up the steps (1000, 1200, 1500)


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Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well :wavey:

I just have a few questions and concerns regarding moving on up the ladder on this diet.

I know that I've not long been doing CD but I'm a little bit worried about the future when my time comes to move up to 1000, 1200 and 1,500. From reading the Cambridge booklet we have to pick items from the lists for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My problem is I don't get time in the mornings or at lunch time to actually prepare any food. A smoothie in the morning and a preprepared salad for lunch doesn't sound a problem mind you. Its the things in the list that need cooking and eating right after thats worrying me :(.

Sorry if this seems a bit pre-lkfjsdlfjds, its just I want to follow this diet through until the end by the book if possible (minus expected blips that are going to happen next week as I'm at a festival.) I don't really want anything to come in the way of me shifting the weight by early September (is that even possible??)

Thanks in advance for taking time to read this.

ArcticMonkeys x
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I am now on 1000 and prepare the stuff to take to work the night before. I have cereal in the morning. I am worried about moving up as well as at least now I can have a tin of tuna and salald for lunch but seems harder as you move up.
I have a lady on the 1000 plan and this is how she eats her meals :

No breakfast she has a coffee and then take fruit to eat at 10sh, she then has a cambridge bar/shake around 1pm and adds her dinner salad/veg portion to her evening meal, she has her evening meal at 5ish with the added salad/veg and has her last shake for supper.Her loss has been excellant on this plan but she is very maticulous about weighing her food and 100% sticks to diet.



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me and hubby have just strated on 1000 plan today, id bought some frozen packs of fruit salad and took some out last night into a tupperware type tub, just had that was yummy, hubby took his fruit to work and made a salad to have with his shake at lunch time, just do what works for you :D
Moving up the stages is always a daunting task after SSing, however, I find that planning on an evening really helped me.

One thing that I have done now since I worked up the stages is looked at the breakfast situation, I never had breakfast before, and then ended up eating too much to compensate, I now always make time for breakfast.

I also sometimes changed the order of food to suit. ie on 1000 I had the egg/granary bread for breakfast, but I ate the bread for breakfast and took a boiled egg to work to have with the green salad.

I also looked at things I could do for luch, so cup a soup and a pitta, or tuna in a pitta worked for me very well, this can be done on the go!

It can be done, and aftyer doing SS to get to where you want to be then you will really enjoy it, try and relax about it though, This can be done x
I must say that the thought of these steps scares me looking ahead. I think i am much more of an all or nothing kind of person. I have very poor will power which is why ss is going well as i have option of food and the thought of having some scares me.

I know this is a long way in the future, but i can see this plan working and am trying to plan ahead now for the first time.


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The maintenance plans are key to coming off of the diet due to many reasons including controlling portion sizes, refilling glycogen stores slowly, GI based for hunger control and not upsetting your tummy from going from nothing to normal calorie intake.

So they are key but yes they can be difficuly from 1200 upwards due to the ingredients and time taken in making the dishes. Saying that!! The dishes are lovely and can be enjoyed by all the family and you have trusted the diet to lose weight and made the changes required to do that so pleeeeeeease make sure you stick to it properly as it is only for a few weeks and doesn make such a difference for long term maintenance.



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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:thankyou: for all the tips and advice everyone, much appreciated. I'm trying really hard to just concentrate on SS for now and deal with 1000+ when I get there. My main worry is that I've just got a new job and start next Monday so I'll be there while I'm going through these steps (unless they get rid of me lol.) I'm going to be a contract/recruitment consultant which means I will be in and out of the office and with people all day long, I just cant seem to picture how I'm going to manage it. But, again, I'm just gonna worry about it when I get there I think :)

Thanks all, and good luck with the tummy tuck IceMoose. You'll have to tell me if it hurts, as I want one done once I get to goal :)

Cheers all!

And Soph, I cant wait till you weigh in tonight.......so exited GOOD LUCK :-D


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Thank you to everyone for this thread :).

Like so many others, I have a long way to go until goal but do worry about managing the stabilisation and maintenance plans - the suggestions and comments on this thread are really useful and encouraging.

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