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Questions on the time of the day that you eat...

Hello all,

What time of the day do you eat your meals and have you changed since SW? Has anyone changed to dinner earlier and was it beneficial or did it not make a difference?

Basically anything to do with what time you eat is appreciated. I eat dinner quite late because the OH doesn't get in until 19:30 some nights and at the earliest 18:30ish and I don't think this is helping my loss (or lack of!!).

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Personally, I don't think it really matters what time you eat. Your body will still digest food the same. I eat breakfast at 9ish (at work), then lunch varies between 12 and 2, then dinner is about 5.30 if at home or later if I'm coming in from work.
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breaky 7-8 or 9-10 on w.e's lunch is always at 12 or 1, as im starvin marvin by then and i eat tea bewteen 5-6, dont mind waiting till 7 for OH but if he's any later im afraid he's on his own! xox
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Breakfast between 10am and 11am
Lunch between 1:30pm and 2:00pm
Dinner approximatly 7pm
I try not to snack past 8:30pm
Thank you! I'm glad to see that we have similar eating habits and you guys are losing loads, so unless it becomes convenient for me to eat earlier I won't be going out of my way to do so.


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have breakfast at 9am after school run, mid morning snack at 11am, lunch with eldest daughter..also doing slimming world at 2pm and tea with kids at 5pm, ohhhh and bedtime snack at 8pm, lots nibbles on friut and veg through day if needed, seems i eat all day, lol
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my meals time have to work round my work and my dh work.

breakfast: 8am (before my dd goes school)
dinner: 1.30 (husband gets in then)
tea: 8.30(i'm at work till 8)
i have a snack on the way to work at 4 and i have snacks after dinner sometimes right up till bedtime not effecting my losses yet
*does a little dance* this makes me happy. So many diets try and get you to eat at certain times, it's just not convenient!


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TBH, my eating times are all over the place- I'm a shift worker and it really depends on my working hours, what time my breaks in work are/if I even get a break, which isn't always the case :(, if I'm on nights what time I sleep in the day/wake up and what time I have my breaks during the night! My days off vary hugely too! Sometimes I have mega lie-ins and sometimes I'm out and about a lot so I suppose I eat my meals when my tummy tells me it's time!! I may not have had huge losses but I don't believe my eating times have had an impact on them!x


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We always seem to eat 6.30-8pm depending on what were eating or been doing, cos time always seems to escape us. lol


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It is a myth that eating at certain times of the day affect your weight loss. Basically your body is a machine that needs a certain amount of energy to function. If you eat all the fuel in one go or space it out at odd times it won't affect how much fuel you actually need.

Don't fret about times, mate. Do what feels right for you and avoids you getting overly hungry (and therefore more likely to binge eat)




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I know it's not practical for everyone, but we usually have our main meal at lunchtime and then something light in the evening. I'm convinced that this change is partly responsible for my weightloss. It means we never sit around in an evening trying to digest a large meal. And I'm always ready for my breakfast in the morning.


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I also don't beleive it makes any difference, but as you asked:
Brekky: between 5.30am & 7.00am, usually after walking dogs for an hour or so.
Lunch: between 12 & 4.30pm, depending when I get a chance to chuck it in the micro at work.
Tea: Never earlier than 7.30pm, and anything up to 11.30pm.

On days off I tend to eat little and often, and graze on free foods all day! lol

Mrs V

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I have breakfast at around 09.30-10.30, lunch 1.30 - 2.30 and then evening meal is normally after 8.30pm. It doesnt make any difference to the weight loss.
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The rule of thumb around times to eat are easy enough to follow.
Eat something soon after you get up so that your body gets going breaking down the carbs. Add fibre as the body will do use it to "you know what"
Plan a small snack for mid morning (I have celery sticks with cheese and chilli dip for example) and a light lunch, a fruit salad with yogurt is perfect.
Mid afternoon have another snack (great time for a b choice)
and a Dinner should be 2 - 3 hours before going to bed to allow it to be broken down before you lie down.

Its not hard written but a good one to follow. Remember food types can also have an effect. Pasta for me takes two days to get through the body process so I don't personally eat it two days before weigh in. and on Sunday I eat Dinner at mid day and something like veg soup for early tea then nothing else for the day. (I weigh in on Monday)

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