I really really love the free slimming world quiches at the moment. theyre so tasty and fill you up especially if you have them with beans (speed food!) or salad.

Im just wondering how many is too many eggs? As i heard you shouldnt eat too many eggs a week?

I use 4 eggs to make 1 quiche.

What does everyone think?

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I understood you shouldn't have more than about 7 eggs a week. Although I sometimes have more!

What do you put in your quiches? They used to use corned beef in them didn't they but that's not free anymore is it?

I think I will have to try and make one to take to work. I always did like quiche with beans. I might try and use the bowyers 95% fat free sausages too, they are only 1/2 a syn each aren't they.


Dont the beans get dry & burnt or does the egg keep it ok?

Well ive only made it twice. First time i used sweetcorn, onions and green peppers and second time i used tuna and sweetcorn and they were both really tasty.

Im going to make Quorn and baked bean pie and for my next quiche i will use quorn sausages which are free!

Alot of people say the salmon and broccoli quiche is the best!



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Recipes is great for recipies



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Akeli - u are a star hun, I've just opened the 143 SW recipes and saved to my favourites - I shudn't have any probs finding sumthin new to cook now :) Thank you hun

Love, Angel xxxx


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Gosh - I haven't made a SW quiche in a while! I'll certainly be doing that next week!

I used to line a shallow flan dish with strips of bacon, then fill it with the egg mixture & sliced mushrooms - then top with slices of tomato. Hmmmm yum!