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Quick and easy SW Meals??

S: 13st4lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26 Loss: 1st11lb(13.44%)
I'm doing SW, but at home. I've lost 19lb so far and still losing (-1.5 lb last week).

I am desperate for quick meal ideas. I usually have a salad or a Quorn ham sandwich (using bread as a HE) and Mullerlight for my lunch but tea is a problem - all I seem to eat is pasta! (I do green days). I think the amount of pasta is slowing my weight loss down (from looking at my food diary) as it's quite stodgy isnt it??

I have a 10 month old though, and it is one of the quickest SW meals to make. Any other ideas?? I do make soups but they aren't very filling so usually save them for lunch options. It is just for me as my oh is one of those annoying people who eats freezer junk and never puts on an lb!

Help please xxx
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Looks like you're losing weight so I wouldn't think you have much to worry about. You could make veggie curries/chili and have them with basmati rice or rice mixed with green lentils which is nice and filling but cuts the carbs a bit.
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There are loads of quick things really! Depends what you like.

I love a simple risotto, which takes about 40 mins from chopping to plate. I usually make butternut squash risotto or mushroom.

Jacket potatoes are a nice quick option - you could cook them in batches and freeze them, then pop one in the microwave when you want one.

Stir fries! They're about as quick as you get. Loads of fresh veggies, noodles or rice...
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Can you freeze Jacket potatoes? Never thought of that?
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Yeah! I haven't actually done it but keep meaning to try it. My mum does it though and says they come out fine...


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I always have salads, or pasta and sauces, ready flavoured rice just add water. Jacket potatoes or sw chips and beans!


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i microwave potatoes keep them in the fridge then make into syn free chips much quicker than boiling and all that they tast nicer too or you can do that , then scoop out insides mix with cheeses bacon whatever and put in ovev for 10 mins


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bubble and squeak is delish and fast - when you have some 'leftover' mash (I always have to make extra to get leftovers rotfl) mix it with some chopped cooked green veg (cabbage or leeks etc) make into patties and 'fry' - great with beans or (quorn) sausages ..

cous cous is super speedy - takes 5 minutes from boiling the kettle! you can get flavoured ones that are very low in syns, and some are free - plain is free. need something moist to go with it though ..

omlettes and frittata's are very quick and easy too, and have the advantage that you can put almost anything in them, although onions, (cooked) potatoes and peas is a firm favourite in our house! serve with SW chips or beans or just a nice salad :D

also - don't forget that some recipes take a few mins to put together then just sit in the oven - the main one that springs to mind is something tasty like a veg biriani - rice, water, veg, curry powder, stir it together and leave in the oven for about 40 mins while you get on with the little 'un :)
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Just have a good hunt around this site, you'll find heaps of inspiration.
I eat TONS of pasta and potatoes, too, but remember, free MEANS free, so don't worry about that.
If you are losing 1.5lbs a week, you are doing everything right, and that is a wonderful, steady, healthy, quick loss.
Keep up all the good things!

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