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Quick breakfasts?


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Can anyone suggest some ideas for quick breakfasts? I've been making a Mim and taking it to work but after several days I'm suffering from 'Mims revenge' :sigh:
I don't have time to cook bacon and eggs and as cereal and toast are out I'm at a bit of a loss.
I don't really want to eat first thing in the morning so any ideas for something I can take to work would be great :)
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Cook bacon crispy the night before, heat it up at work and have it with avocado and tomato - one of my favs :)

or sausages, I always fry up a whole pack and keep some cold in the fridge, yummy.
Are they Stephen? I like scotch eggs but never thought of having cream cheese with them, probably not good for induction though.


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Slices of ham spread with cream cheese & rolled up, or beef rolled up with bacon. You could take those to work.
I find the quickest thing to cook is scrambled eggs with grated cheese mixed in. Yum!! :D


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This might sound weird, but I love pickled eggs. Well you would have them boiled for breakfast wouldn't you ;)
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if you make oopsies at the weekend you can slice them to bread size and make a cheese sandwich with it, (or a filling of your choice) to last the week

thats prob the only time i eat brekkie! lol


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I have the same problem as Kitty, so have been eating Atkins bars once I hit work, which I hate. Scrambled an egg this morning before leaving, but ended up eating the bar anyway, just a bit later than usual! Might try two tomorrow. Or I love Quak's idea of making an omelette and then heating it up - why didn't I think of that myself? :confused:
i leave the house at 06.50, then don't get a break until around 10 am.
so, i have a small amount of greek yoghurt with some almond flour and tiny bit of splenda around 06.30, and i make a mim while i'm getting ready, half half of it with a coffee at break time, then the rest in the afternoon if i need it, but often don't!
Another thing, I always fry up a whole pack of sausages, you can't beat having some cold cooked sausages spare in the fridge.

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