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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by peony, 27 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. peony

    peony Well-Known Member

    Hi all
    I have decided to join the virgin active gym near me as I want to go to a load of the classes and also to use the resistance stuff and the pool to tone up a bit. I am keen to work out a programme with a trainer that fits in with the fact that my calorie intake is so low at the moment with being on a VLCD. (ie no advanced spinning classes lol).

    So my question is this - has anyone experienced any problems with their gym knowing they are on a vlcd? I would rather they know so that we can work out an appropriate programme but if I am likely to hit barriers I will just keep it to myself.

    Anyone any experience of this/advice?

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  3. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    what i done while on the vlcd was kept it down to a minimum with heart rate at a reasonable rate until i became comfy with exercising then i kept upping it slightly, and now i'm really pushing it to the limit :) 2-3 gym work, 1-2 hour football and martial arts :) all in all very energetic now :D
  4. girloutdoors

    girloutdoors Well-Known Member

    I think your big problem will be that generally people, including PTs, don't understand VLCDs. They'll be amazed you can do anything and are unlikely to be able to advise on a good programme.

    Best advice is to treat it as two phases - weight loss then fitness. You can do exercise while on LL but don't try and do too much. The main issue is you have no glycogen. On the machines I'd recommend putting them in fat burning mode and staying out of the cardio burn heart zones, where your body will want glycogen,not find it and may crash and burn.

    For classes stick to bums and tums and toning stuff, with maybe some easy aerobics. Some of that will depend on whether you get dizzy or not on LL - I did whenever I stood up so would have struggled in a lot of dynamic classes.

    I stuck to interval walk-jog-walk-jogging while I was on LL. Now I'm back on food I have a really full on training programme, but waiting was definitely the best option. You don't want to push to the point where you feel ill so take it gentle!
  5. peony

    peony Well-Known Member

    Thanks both
    yes, I do find I get dizzy if I do any more cv than an hour of badminton. I want to make use of the pilates and yoga classes, and other core and toning stuff. Also the resistance equipment - will be giving the crosstrainer etc a wide birth - have my own at home and I am bored rigid by doing that sort of stuff lol!


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