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Quick Question about water on VLCDs


Queen of the Damned
Minimum of 2 litres on CD, which is basically the recommended amount you should be drinking each day anyway. :)
CD recommeneds at least 2 25 ltrs per day, LL I think is 4 ltrs.

On these diets water is the key, I was on CD and had 4 ltrs per day.

Water helps weight loss, stops the hunger pangs and also is a key to keep healthy on VLCD.

As you move up the stages then you can decrease your intake, however, I still have 2 ltrs per day, or at the very least he reccommended 8 glasses.

Hope this helps!!
Cheers for that D_Q - I think water consumption (or lack thereof) is going to be one of the first habits I tackle; that's why I ask.

Can I assume LL asks you to drink more? (I have an acquaintance who lost loads on LL and she mentioned a scary number. Was it 4 litres a day?) Any LLers around?
Hey hun, as DQ says, 2 litres is what we are meant to drink each day anyway, so wat CD recommend is not really that huge an amount! Saying that, I have found that on the weeks I have manged to drink between 3.5 & 4 litres a day my losses have been better!!
Thank you canireallydothis - our posts crossed. That was the answer I was looking for.:)


Queen of the Damned
Yep, there are many who believe the more water you drink, the faster your loss. For some people that's true, but not for all. Aim for 3 litres consistently a day - anything above is an excellent bonus! :)
Thanks kazz - good to know.

Did you all drink tap water? Or do you have filters at work? My work water is a bit eeurgh so I'll either be buying a Brita or bringing in mineral water.

(I'm not going on a VLCD, but I think increasing my water consumption a lot should help the weight loss.)
Three litres is such a huge amount. I swear I probably only get a litre and a half (if that) - mostly in the form of tea. But I will definitely try this - it's something I can do now, before I get stuck in proper. :)
I buy Tesco water.....17p for 2 litre bottle of fizzy stuff!! We have a Ballygowan tank thingy in work so thats no problem....I dont like tap water in general!

Even if your not doing a VLCD water should help you because it can help stave off hunger pangs....at weekends I generally have cooled down boiled water which makes a nice change!!
Brilliant idea. I love sparkling water and I can easily drink gallons of that. We usually buy the own brand mineral, but the Tesco Value one (is that the one you mean?) would be much cheaper for large quantities. Thanks!

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