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Quick question - contacting your consultant

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So I couldn't make group this week as I had to work (am a shift worker). I texted my consultant and haven't heard a thing from her.

The two weeks prior to that it was someone else who led the group with no info on why the usual consultant wasn't there.

I'm just wondering if I will have to pay next week and what happens to my online access as I can't get the info from my consultant.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Normally, my consultant would acknowledge receipt of the text even if it was just to say ok. If when you go to class next week it tries to charge a back fee then show your consultant the text message that you sent. Your online access should be ok, I think it allows for 4 weeks without visiting class (to allow for holidays etc). If in doubt send your C another text and ask her to let you know.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, you two :)

I haven't had any acknowledgement at all, so will see what happens next week. Don't want to lose access to syns online!


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If your a shift worker and tell your con at the start of your joining they allow You to be honest and give your shift pattern in,you do not have to pay missed weeks. It's in some small print either in book or online.


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But as a shift worker you cannot always predict the shifts.
I'm a Support Worker and if the next shift doesn't turn up, or they can't get anyone else to cover then I need to stay on.
It's a bit rude to ignore a text. I would text again to ask if she'd received the text!
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Shirleen that's what happened to me - I had to work extra hours so couldn't make the group. If I'd known in advance I'd have tried to go to another class locally, but they're all Mon-Wed in my area, and I usually go on a Wednesday night :/

I did tick the box saying I'm a shift worker, so fingers crossed it's ok.

Sent another text so will see if I get a reply...

Thanks again everyone :)


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I'm guessing there's a bit of discretion in it. I used to be a shift worker and sometimes it would be a last minute thing of not being able to finish on time or whatever and I would text my consultant at the last minute and she would still allow that to be no charge.
A for her not replying, is there a fb group or are you in contact with anyone else from your group? Might be worth speaking to someone else to see what's going on with your C.
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I don't think there's a FB group, and I still feel relatively new to it as I'm only on my 5th week.

Will check it out tho, and see what I can find.

Am also a bit concerned about the health/welfare of my consultant too :/

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