Quick question re bullett!


Got a life thank you!
Hi I got my bullett yesterday and wondered if I can make a hot coffee with vanilla in it? I know it says don't put hot water in but I wondered if anyone has!

Yes, I've been doing mine in the jug blender attachment, just be careful that the lid is on properly and only blend it a few seconds at a time. It comes out like a frothy cappuccino - lovely and creamy!

I make my soups in mine. The heat expands the plastic so can be tricky to get back off so, as thinwithin said, make sure it is on properly but don't overtighten it.
Ooops, didn't say anything out hot stuff with my Rocket (exactly the same as the Bullet) instructions. Can't be too big a problem though 'cos I've been doing my soups in it for the last few weeks okay. The thing I've noticed though is that they really only need about 6secs otherwise they're too frothy. Usually do the shakes for around 10secs.
Thanks everyone, in the end I added 2/3rds hot to a third cold and that seemed to work.

I love it, it is definately my new toy - I got the TJ Hughes version.
It's a really great blender, various names but essentially the same thing; Amazing Bullet, Magic Bullet, Rocket. Prices vary from a staggering £80 for the original type via shopping channels, down to about £20! I paid £25 for mine a year ago and it's still going strong.