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in my cambridge book it states water or calorie free drinks to drink. does this mean that you can have diet fruit waters and diet coke? has anyone done the diet successfully drinking such things?
Hi Katheryn,

The best way to do CD is just to have water, and black tea and coffe if you really need it.

Diet drinks may kick you out of the fat burning process, but also may give you cravings, citric acid is in most diet drinks and gives major cravings.

When well established into the diet then the ZERO drinks can be had in moderation, ie 1 small glass per day is what CD say, however again this may cause pysychological (sp?) hunger, and I know for me it wasnt worth it.

Also I thought what on earth do they put in these drinks to make them zero everything!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a personal choice, for some a small glass of zero drink (zero coke or doc pepper etc) is what they have as a treat, however, water is the key x x
Oh just realised your a yorkshire lass!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome, we are a rare breed!!!!!
Thank you for that!

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Oh yeah....I checked at my training a few months ago...you can have Malic acid, so you can have the Perfectly Clear Red Apple and the Perfectly Clear Strawberry and Kiwi :)

Also, Asda and Tesco do their own version of red bull. Think it's Kick and Blue charge. For both of them it has to be the diet, cranberry version but they have no citric acid either. Not sure about the cals, but I suspect they are very low. I haven't had them in ages to will have to check that out! There is a superdrug water that doesn't have citric acid as well. I forget though!!! really useful.lol.

Nicole xx