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Quick question re mixing the packs

Hi everyone,
Started this morning with a banana shake mix...

followed the instructions on mixing by adding the powder to the water and used my electric mixer ... but I had a very lumpy breakfast!
Taste was OK... but any ideas on a smooth shake??

Also, my CDC said to try warming some of the shakes as they taste yummy... any ideas which ones to try?

I didn't buy the choc ones or the coffee based ones as I don't like chocolate or coffee...

Can't wait till my first weigh in...
I lost about 10 llb last month using a 1000 cal diet but things slowed up so am hoping things get moving nicely now!

Thanks in advance for any help...

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I got one of the mixers that looks like the magic bullet ( only mines the cheaper version) and I use water from the fridge, it makes a gorgeous frothy shake.

Like you I`m not keen on chocolate but the choc mint or chocolate made in to a mousse with the mix a mousse powder is delicious.
I use a blender and whizz for 15 secs.
So far I've tried choc mint (yummy) and vanilla (tastes like melted white chocolate - sublime) hot. It seems to go creamier anbd smoother when it's hot.
I mix mine in my liquidiser if cold. Hot I make up with a little cold water into a paste then add hopt water and blitz with a hand blender. Ice cubes crushed in a food processor/coffee grinder, add shake and a tiny amount of water to mix and you have a bowl of ice cream!


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I may just have to try that hot vanilla, it sounds delicious mmmmmm


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My hubby just got one of those kenwood frothie makers, there great for doing soup in as they heat and mix.
And you don`t get two inches of froth on the top lol


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Im not a coffee drinker but I love the capuccino shake hot.....! Explain that one ..hee hee !
Aparently the choc shake is just like a hot chocloate drink but have not yet tried it.


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I do mine in the blender with lots of ice lovely and cold and frothy.
Im not a coffee drinker either an love the cappuchino also the vanilla with a spoo of coffee in is lovely.
I havnt had the choc hot yet, i had the choc mint last night as the mousse and yum yum.
I try and mix it so i have 1 hot shake or soup 1 cold shake and one mousse so u dont get bored.
Well I just had the butterscotch one, I warmed it up... it did taste a bit chemically and smelt horrible... but was pallatable...
And no lumps!
I think i will treat myself to a hand blender as the mixer doesn't really get the lumps out..

How long is it before I can go onto the mousse mixes etc... is it 2 weeks? And is this just an additive that makes the normal shakes go stiff and mousse like?

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