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Quick question- which laxatives can I take?


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Fibregel - all flavours.

It might be a good idea to add 1 tspn of psyllium husk powder to your shake each day too


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Not sure re. laxatives, but you could add physillium husks to your diet and this will help bulk out your soups/shakes and hence relieve your constipation.
I was told at my training day (March 2006) that the only laxative you could take was Ducolax as all of the others could potentially knock you out of ketosis. Plus the best preventative was Cambridge Fibre 89.

Has this changed??



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I thought senokot had been confirmed by Cambridge as okay, but ducolax wasn't recommended.

I was also under the impression that only the natural fibregel had ever been allowed, not the orange or lemon.

Don't forget the fibre89 stuff from your CDC :)
Sennokot is okay, physllium husks okay, Fybogel natural only not flavoured, but not dulcolax. It used to be allowed but several people have had severe pain and collapsed after using this on a VLCD so it is now not recommended. Prevention is better than cure so Fibre 89 should be used from the outset.

Once constipation is over then introduce the Fibre 89 daily to prevent reccurrence.

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Thanks for clearing that up CDC!!

I take the Fibre 89 and I occassionally have the husks and since combining the two I have not had any problems and I used to really suffer!!!!
I made the mistake of taking Dulcolax - never again. It was the most severe abdominal pain I have ever experienced and it lasted 24 hours. I now use Fibre 89 as a preventative but it doesn't work as well as I would like. Unfortunately nor do husks so I am just putting up with it for now.
Oh well Ive taken 2 dulcolax now lol, Well I took them at lunchtime and haven't had any pain so I think I'm going to be OK, just waiting for the results!

Will check to see if it has affected ketosis late
You might be OK on Dulcolax - it doesn't affect everyone as badly as people like me! FIngers crossed for you
Hmmmmmmmm, dulcolax hey?

I thought I'd get some from Asda last night as I've been feeling a bit bunged. My fiance and I did aa experiment with a pint of tea made from 4teabags (don't ask) that I heard of on another site. Was rubbish, we just ended up with banging heads.

So anyway, I popped 2 pills when I was driving home from Asda. All was fine until about 3am this morning, woke up with mega wierd belly ache, went to the bathroom, started sweting profusely, had some scary diarrhoea, then was sick, then lay half naked on the landing as I was too dizzy to go back to bed. Bad stuff, not sure I'll be brave enough to try again. :confused:


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when i first tried cambridge almost two years ago i was told dulcolax BUT not the normal tabs as they are too strong - - - ONLY to try dulcolax PERLES

I have taken one and it has worked and i have taken two and they have worked but with some slight cramps for about 20 mins in the morning till i am all empty

just my experience

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