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Green Days Quick question?


I'm currently half way through my first week and I have found a lunch idea that i really enjoy, I get one of the free batchelors pasta n' sauce - make it up with some of my milk allowance and pour it over some cooked broccoli - I find this really filling and yummy but am worried that i am having it too often, do you think it will impact my weightloss? :cry:

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I suppose it depends on how many times you have it doll. It may be free food but it still has calories. If you only eat when you're hungry you shouldn't go far wrong. X
I have it as a main meal, I had it for lunch yesterday and for my dinner sat night because I got in late. I want to have it for my lunch today becuase it is cheap and easy - it keeps me full until dinner time so i suppose it cant b that bad if its stopping me snacking on other things?


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As long as you are eating it because you are hungry and not just because you can, then it will be fine. It's a great meal to have at lunch time because it's low fat, and although its pasta so naturally has carbs, you have the rest of the day to burn them off. xxx


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:D I do not think I can be cooking this stuff right because to me it tastes like hot wet cardboard to me - even though I follow the destructions really carefully . Yeuch :cool:
When I make the broccoli & cheese one I always put broccoli in too - its double yummy then :)

I have it for lunches on green days & its never affected my losses - well not in a bad way anyway :)
I've found it tastes really powdery...Bleurgh!
I didn't even know they did a wholemeal one - where do you guys get it? (not that I am particularly inspired to try it given the write-up of "bleurgh" and "wet cardboard" though!).
Also never tried making it without milk, ilovelife - is it really not much different without?


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I don't make it with milk and its just as nice - if your used to it with milk it may taste different at first cause it won't be as creamy but it's still yummy.
Thanks Browsie, might have to give it a go when I next have it in. I do find its a useful work lunch when i haven't been organised enough to prepare anything else - it will cook away on its own in the time it takes to have breakfast.


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Do you keep to the half packet or have a whole one to one meal :D I think a packet has two servings but to be honest it doesn't look like much does it?

No wonder I am overweight! ;)
I have a full packet of chicken and mushroom made up with water and put some peas in with it. Then when its cooked I add a spoonful of quark to make it nice and creamy. Then I add ham or tuna or chicken. YUUUMM!

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