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  1. *Pink Pixie*

    *Pink Pixie* on the road to slimdom

    after being in ketosis for a short while is it normal for the sticks to stop being pink/purple and to be really pale?

    is there any other way of telling??? loss is slow, but i havent gained, and the sticks are either a very very pale pink or that neutral colour??
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  3. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    so long as they are any shade of pink it means u are in ketosis. the paler the stick means u are supping adequate water - it doesnt mean ur out of ketosis. Or that is the answer i have seen on this forum when other people have asked the same question.

    I dont use the sticks to be honest - i am more a wing and a prayer kinda gal :D
  4. *Pink Pixie*

    *Pink Pixie* on the road to slimdom

    thanks lisa :) i wish i could be that chilled. i guess i'll see how it is in the morning. they say thats the best time to test anyway
  5. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    Hi Pink Pixie,

    The best time to test is first thing as wee is more concentrated then (unless you are up half a dozen times in the night like me!!!!!) As long as it is any shade of pink then you're in ketosis.

    When I first started LT someone told me the stix should be purple and I worried coz it never was. Now I know it shouldn't be purple coz that means you aren't drinking enough. Nic always says hers is usually very pale or neutral after the first tiddle of the day and that is what we should all be aiming for.

    Drink plenty to wee away the ketones!

    If you haven't cheated then you will be in ketosis. I never check and my chemist isn't bothered either.

    Good luck hun.

  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Slimming World

    I would find this to be the case.

    If you are doing the diet then you are in ketosis. The strips only show you what is happening in your urine and if you are drinking a lot of water as we do then it is very unlightly you will show above the pink...if it show purple or dark range all the time...it usually means you are dehydrated.

    ketosis happens in the blood and body tissues and if you are showing even a small amount it shows you are fat-burning.

    If you are near time of the month you can retain water and this will show on the scales.

    It is also common to stay the same some weeks.

    Love Mini xxx
  7. *Pink Pixie*

    *Pink Pixie* on the road to slimdom

    well during the first week it was dark purple and no matter how much i drank it just wouldnt come down, this week, its pale pink now and then but 95% of the time its neutral, and i really dont think im drinking any more than i did last week, which is the bit thats confusing me.

    i thought i read somewhere that your body becomes better at dealing with produced ketones so it doesnt dispose of them as much, but i may have dreamt that cos i cant find it anywhere now :rolleyes:

    thanks very much for your advice though guys, i shall just plod on :D
  8. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

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    Yeah hun, some people become more effective on burning ketones and this is fab!! Your weight loss will not slow down, you are still in ketosis and are still burning tons of fat!
    If you can try to wean yourself off the stix...if you are not cheating you are ketoic and don't need to use them anymore. They can become very addictive and rule how you feel ....esp if you get an untrue neg, due to the water or your proccessing skills xx
  9. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    yeah pixie - ditch the sticks!!!! lol

  10. *Pink Pixie*

    *Pink Pixie* on the road to slimdom

    ha ha, i'll compromise and use one each morning til they run out and then wont buy any more :D

    i have dropped 1.5lb since mondays weigh in so i think i can safely say im still a ketoic goddess :cool:
  11. satty

    satty Full Member

    Stay true to the diet and forget the sticks, you will defo be in ketosis!! waste of money i think
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