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Quick question

Hi ya I would say as a general rule it's best not to as the temptation is to think it's ok I've got those extra calories etc etc. If you have a special event coming up then plan your week well ensuring you leave the extras (I generally save my treat calories).

I notice you say you are on 1628, I take it you mean this after the initial 2 weeks on the 1200 calories.

Feel free to ask any more questions

Thanks for the reply Jules..Yes it is after the 2 weeks on 1200 cals.
So..when I am on my 1628 do I have to eat all of them?
Thanks Angie x
Wow just looked at your ticker.You have lost a lot of weight.:D
Any tips for a new starter like me ;)
MY biggest tips would be - do your measurements, it's a boost when you feel that you haven't lost weight or the scales say you haven't and you remeasure to find you have lost inches.

Treat yourself - have little gifts along your journey. My first stone meant I had my eyebrows waxed professionally, 2nd was a manicure, 3rd was 3 new items of clothing and a pair of shoes in one shopping trip etc etc.

Drink! - water water water I carry a small bottle with me everywhere and top it up as I go along through the day.

Find an exercise that you like and think you can stick to - mine is aqua aerobics and I get annoyed if I miss a week.

Don't beat yourself up if you don't lose for a week or two

Oh and save some calories or your treat for the evening when you are sitting in front of the TV.

Feel free to shout if youhave any more ?s
I love aqua aerobics, used to go twice a week but had to start going to just the one as the Monday one is the same day as my weigh in!

Angie how are you getting on?


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