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Hi All,

I'm in my last week of maternity leave :cry:and due to go back to work on Monday. I've got my LL introduction meeting on Thursday evening and just spoke to the counsellor who said that she couldn't send me the form to be signed by my GP until I had been to the session.

I expained that I don't want to go back to work after 1 year off and ask for time off to get the form signed by a gp, anyway, just rang GP and they only have 1 appointment left on Friday, but wanted to know how long the form is? Could anyone tell me? The appointment is only for 10 mins.

I need to phone the GP's receptionist back to confirm if it will take more or less than 10 mins.

Could anyone tell me how long the form is, how long it normally takes to completed and what I'm likely to pay.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Louale x
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The form asks alot of health questions to be answered with a yes or no. I filled the majority of it in myself and the doctor just signed it and took my blood pressure and pulse. It took about 5 mins.
I didn't pay but I know some surgeries do charge anything from £5.


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Thanks so much for the speedy response.

I might have to complete it myself too, to save time.

Louale x


When I took mine to the doc, I hadn't filled anything out myself.
It took about 10minutes, but then she wanted to keep it so she could write a cover letter to go with it to exclude the surgery from any responsbility should anything go wrong, so I actually didn't get my form back for almost 3 days, and then had to pay £25 for it.

Money and Time well spent, in my book :)

lil miss mummy

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My form has been with my doctor now for 15 days and counting- they reckon it should be done in the next couple of days but I hate to think how much they are going to charge me! :) The appointment itself lasted about 5 minutes they just took my blood pressure and pulse! x