Quick update lol


6 stone to lose!
hi guys not been on here much been a busy little girl well soon to be little lol!

ok well i start CD on Thursday, well pick up my packs thursday really wont be starting till friday this week.. can't wait though i have had my family on my back constantly about doing this diet u know the usual.. do you not just want to cut out the fattie foods.. well duh! lol anyway before i start moaning... again... as i was saying start this week can't wait, think the weekend is going to be a nightmare but we shall see,,,!

I also start a new job on monday so wont be on here much at all but ive not forgotten about you guys lol just away doing my bit for britain! but i will be sure to log in when i can to show my support and tell you how much of fattyness i have lost..

anyhoo if the grammer is crap and the spelling is on here lol its cos its 4.14 am and ive just finished work and im cream crackered.

catch you guys later

Jodie xxxxxxx
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how is/has weekend going for you hun?

good luck with the new job!! is it anything exciting or interesting you are doing?


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Hey Jodie Good luck with the new job and with start ing your CD journey. x


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hey honey. good luck for thursday. hide away for that first weekend. once you've made it through your first week you'll find it much easier.

good luck with the job too hon.

abz xx


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fingers crossed, chick. we are here for you :)


6 stone to lose!
Thanks guys!! can't wait!! :D my mate who is doing it with me she is really determined to do this! i dont think she will quite get to terms with the amount of weight loss and how bloomin quick it comes off :D