Quitting smoking and trying to diet arghh


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Hi Everyone

I've been a member of SW since last April and have currently lost about 2.5st in total. I got married in Sept and wanted to shift the baby weight.
Anyway, after nearlly 20yrs of smoking I decided to bite the bullet and give up cold turkey. However, I'm finding my motivation and focus with my food has gone out the window. I'm on green and also finding that weight isn't going as quick as in Summer, I think it might also be to do with the weather and not walking as much. Anyone else giving up smoking or done so whilst dieting arrrrrgh.
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Wow, you're trying to do so much all at once!! Given that your smoking is much more detrimental to your health than your weight (you're not obese) I would concentrate on giving up smoking.

You say the weight is still coming off (although slower than in summer) so I'd only see this as a good thing!


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Hi there!!

I'm in the same boat but it seems to be working! Just after new year I decided I had had enough of being overweight and needed to quit smoking...

People thought I was crazy for doing both but I was so focussed. I am such a food lover that I would of much rather had some lovely fatty food than a cig and that how I overcame it...the diet took over me thinking about cigs...I would highly recommend patches I used them for about 2 weeks and that got me through the hard part...

I am losing weight but not great lumps which I wouldn't expect as I know smoking burns calories, I lost 3lbs then 2lbs then 2lbs then 1lbs so I can only take the positives that I am still loosing..

My best piece of advice would be to concentrate on something else and keep a pen near by to smoke when you get a craving, oh and airwaves helped me they hit the back of my throat like a cig would haha!!

I have started running aswell which was something I COULD NOT do when smoking, I started with 1 min, 2min, 3min etc...that's something else I focus on

Hope this helps

Laura x


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Hey there i gave up smoking last November(cold turkey too and 11 year here). Also if you can do not go for the nicotine replacement as your just replacing one form of nicotine with another, difference your not smoking it :D.

I put on 2.5 stones of weight when i quit smoking. i lost a stone and a bit by myself through januray but felt i needed some more support sooo i joined sw. You can do this keep with the plan, hell use your weekly syns if ness. Its tough and smoking cravings in the first week for em were painful. But you can do it and its so worth it

love and light purple


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When I gave up I got one of those inhalators off the doctor, but I think it was a psychological crutch rather than a physical one, I never remembered to change the little filter thingy so I doubt I was getting much nicotine from it! But

I would say, try without the nicotine therapy first, but if you need extra support then using it is better than ending up having a ciggy.One cig puts you right back where you started.

I didn't put much weight on when I quit, I wasn't on SW then but I was very conscious that I didn't want to replace cigs with food. I did end up eating a bag of crisps on my teabreak every shift, because otherwise I didn't see the point of having a break! I've replaced that with scanbran now, I'm a very boring person I know! When I really felt I needed a ciggy I would go for a walk to take my mind off it, and started drinking gallons of herbal tea. I also had sugar free sweets (ricola elderflower were my faves, 6 syns per pack) and masses of carrot sticks and salads. I brushed my teeth a lot.


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I gave up smoking last year with patches and an inhalator! It works, that's why the docs give them away! I did a full course of patches (3 months) and then carried on just using the inhalator. I'm coming up to a year in April and would recommend using anything that stop smoking services offer to help! You're not trying to lose weight by yourself with no support so why should smoking be any different?


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S: 17st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 4st8lb(26.02%)
For me personally i didnt want to replace the source of nicotine wanted to get it all out my system. Was a bit painful but its worked and after the 2nd week all cravigns were gone. I have tried to quit using patches before and it failed quite badly tbh. But its personal preference, stop smoking services are very useful and are there if you need the support also they do group support sessions in some areas, which again can be useful for giving up