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hey, nothing to do with sw, but something to amuse us for a while! as some of you know im going away this weekend with other half, parent, nana, bro, his g.f, anty, uc, cousin! so we're going out sat night but staying in fri night with the wii and a meal. but i want to do a quiz for us (for some reason at family gatherings we always end up doing an impromptu quiz.) so i thought i'd ask you lovely people to come up with some questions (and answers) for me to ask! thought if i ask you lot id get a wide range of topics! we range between 14 and 80!!!

so please add your questions below, was thinking of t.v, film, sport, general knowledge, food and drink and music kinda ones!! xxxx
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thanks for the question hun. thanks, am really looking forward to gettin away even for a couple of days. right so we have one question, come on people roll up roll up x
I did a Christmas quiz for work last year. Spent ages trawling the internet for questions!

A picture round is a good idea. Flags, film stars of different eras, politicians, cartoon characters...that kind of thing.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Who was the captain of the titanic?

Edward John Smith
Christmas number 1 - 2008?
Alexandra Burke ( I know it's very modern, but 14 year old will like it!)

What colour is motorway on a map?

God, how boring am I?????



No Coffee, No Workee
Q. Who sings the first line of the original Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
A. Paul Young.

thanks all xxx
Q: How long would an astronaut's footprints last for on the moon?

A: Longer than a month

The Moon has no atmosphere so there is no wind or weather either so in theory the footprints should last for centuries

Q: Which country is sometimes called the 'Emerald Isle' because of its lush countryside which is kept green by rain from the Atlantic Ocean?

A: Ireland

Q: What year did the Salem Witch Trials take place?

A: 1692

Q: If I was an ecdysiast what would I do for a living?

A: Strip

Q: Who founded the Boy Scouts?

A: Lord Baden-Powell
Ta annie have added those on x


I'm a raver baby!
Which band lost out to Hear'Say in the original 'Popstars' show but later went on to become much more successful in the charts?

Liberty X

Which famous DJ wrote the classic dance tune 'Pretty Green Eyes'?

Darren Styles

Who released 'Fit But You Know It' from the album 'A Grand Don't Come For Free'?

The Streets

Who had a hit with 'School's Out' in 1972?

Alice Cooper

Who is the current manager of Aston Villa football club?

Martin O'Neill

Louise, former member of girlband Eternal, is married to which footballer?

Jamie Redknapp

Where do Wolverhampton Wanderers play their home games?

The Molineux

Which football stadium is alternatively known as 'The Theatre of Dreams' and which Premiership club play their home games there?

Old Trafford, Manchester United

What was the name of the bear in Rainbow?


What was the name of the school created by Phil Redmond?

Grange Hill

In which publication do The Bash Street Kids appear?

The Beano

Of which country is Goa a former colony?


Name the largest of the Greek Islands?


That's all I can think of for now!!
following on from the post above our Christmas family quiz included the question

Q Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ?

A Sponge Bob Square Pants

was great watching the older members of the family thinking what is she on about has she lost her mind while the kids were all chuckling to themselves writing their answer down

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