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Quorn troubles!

S: 13st4.0lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st0lb(7.53%)
Hi Everyone! I re started SW last week and have decided this time I'll try different ideas, recipes and foods... All found on here :) so thanks!

Unfortunately, I'm not getting on very well with quorn :confused: ... I've been having a lot of green days as I find it quicker when I have work, but I don't like wasting my HEBs on meat... so I've tried the quorn burgers and sausages. I had the burger in a pitta and with lots of salad it wasn't too bad, but the sausages weren't very nice at all with just mash.

Anyone else find this? Is there a better meat substitute out there? And are there any recipes that mask the taste better?

Thanks :) xx
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Which ones have you tried hun? The brambly apple and red leiscester ones are lush but for some reason can't be found in every shop or supermarket.
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im a veggie so im always using quorn... spag bol is my fav or i make lasangne or cottage pie with quron..

personally i dont lik the burgers or sausages so i avoid them and just stick with the quorn mince..

the quorn website have loads of receipes ideas and i just adapt them to make them syn free ;) or very low syns :D
im a quorn person i dont eat meat (do eat fish though im naughty)

i could live on quorn sausages, i think you either love them or hate them though.

you have got to try the quorn chunks, they are a substitute for chicken and they taste just the same.

i cooked a five bean chilli and popped some in and gave it to other half( told him it was chicken) and he ate it and didnt know any different.

you can do stir frys/ chillis/currys/ loads of dishes with it

defo give it a whirl :D


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The Quorn mince is fab, my OH has even converted to it as it's loads healthier than mince and he can't tell the difference! I think if you cook Quorn products in a sauce, they tend to take on the flavour of what you cook them in (like the mince in spag bol).

My favourite Quorn product is the crispy fillets - they're 3.5 syns each but taste just like chicken fillets in a crispy batter, yum yum!


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I'm not veggie, but thought I'd give the sausages a go as a syn free option, but wasnt keen.

However, they do cook well in a sausage casserole to me they taste a bit like the sausages in a can of beans and sausages when they are done like that. I know there's a receipe for that in the SW family feasts for a fiver book. Off the top of my head it involved Quorn sausages chopped up, with a can of tinned tomatoes, a can of mixed beans, harissa paste, then probably the usual onions/garlic etc - brown off the Quorn sausages in some Frylight, add the onion, garlic, harissa paste, add the tomatoes and beans then simmer for about 20 mins (could probably add some mushrooms, peppers, courgettes etc) Free on green and EE, add some syns for the beans if doing red.

Cant remember the recipe exactly but thats about the gist of it.

I think there was something similar in the comfort foods booklet that came with the latest magazine.

Linda Mcartney sausages are much nicer to eat on their own but they have syns. I have a pack of the Bramley Quorn ones in my freezer that I havent tried yet, so am hoping they are better than the ordinary ones.
It is all horrid, not sure how something can taste bland, horrid and flavourless all at the same time. When I have used the mince I found I had to heavily flavour it but it acts like a flavour odorant and kills any flavour in comes into contact with. It must have a purpose in life but I think it's more household cleaning than eating !

And it does NOT taste like chicken not in a million years.

Yuck Yuck Yuck


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I LOVE quorn and use it all the time, I have been a veggie for 20years and have been eating Quorn since it came out.
I pretty much just use it to substitute any meat in a meat recipe. I find normal recipes that sound good and then Quorn and SW them.
I make
*spag bol
*meatballs and spaghetti
*beef or chicken stew
*beef/chicken stir fry
*Sausage caserole
*Burgers pre made and made my own with mince
*Cheesey chicken
*chicken kiev
*beef mole recipe ( SW mag this year sometime)
*ham egg and chips
*Spaghetti carbonara
*chicken curry
*chilli con carne
*cottage pie
*Lamb grill with roast dinner

The Quorn Kitchen cook book has lots of good recipes in that can be SW adapted

Quorn on its own is quite bland, but it really takes on the flavours you use to cook. So be sure to season and use herbs and spices etc.
S: 13st4.0lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st0lb(7.53%)
Thanks everyone! Glad it’s not just me that couldn’t get on with the sausages! :D

I had the cumberland ones but they didn’t seem to have much flavour in them. I will defo try the other flavours... I’ll try anything if it’s gonna help me lose weight! ;) I like the idea of having something that cooks in 10 mins that I can eat when I’m in a rush! When I’m hungry or don’t have time is when I cheat!... I’ll give the sausage casserole a go as well :) might mask the taste and I don’t want to waste all the sausages I bought!!

I have some of the quorn chicken pieces in my freezer to try as well. I went quorn mad when I went to tesco! And I shall give the crispy fillets a go!
Thanks again everyone, I’ll hopefully get on better this time with a bit more inspiration :) xx
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Try spraying them with Frylight (buttery one) before baking in the oven, I found that really nice. But to be honest I love all the quorn products except the lamb cutlets and the new burgers (chilled ones).

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