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Quorn - what can I do with it?


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Pretty much anything that you would have done with meat pieces (though do add plenty of flavourings)

I'm not fond of quorn, but have just made a concoction with some quorn mince I had in the freezer. Added peppers, onion, some tinned toms to help bind, herbs, etc etc. and will be putting it in a wrap for lunch :)


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have just posted in your diary hun about what i do with mine :)


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You could use them in a stir fry?

I really like quorn mince, tricked my boyfriend the other day, he's a total carnivore and found it very tasty... until he found out it wasn't actual mince haha!
Hi guys,

I know this thread is oldish but thought i'd tell u what i do with my quorn products!

Well with the mince i just use it as normal in bolognaise, chilli's etc.

With the quorn pieces i use them loads!

I put them in the wok with spices or fajita seasoning and have them in wraps for lunch.

I also marinate them in sauces e.g black bean, chilli etc for stir frys. Or cook them in a pan and add sweet n sour sauce to make sweet n sour quorn with rice!

My fav tho is making curry! I make a big pan of curry and add the cooked quorn bits and leave it to simmer for ages till its done and they taste sooooooooo yummy!

really u can do anything with them, that's all i can think of so far!

Just thought i'd update this thread for people who are trying to eat less meat or other veggies who struggle with quorn! :)
Hope this helps! :)


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oooooh i found this yummy recipe! i actually prefer it to real meat and theres no grizzly bits either bonus!!

A colmans sausage casserole mix made up
4 quorn sausages
50g mushrooms
1 onion
200g baked beans

Chuck it all in a casserole dish and cover, cook for 1hour!!

Serves 2, 264 cals each, 5.4g fat each serving

I suppose you could use all the other mixes and put quorn fillets in as chicken and mince as beef mice etc!

luv katiexxxx

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