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I used to have quorn mince because I was a vegetarian for a while. My mum used to use it in things like spag Bol and as long as the sauce was flavourful I really enjoyed it. My brother and my dad hated it though! Not really sure about the nutrients in it though.
I love quorn. I found that the mince took some getting used to the texture, although the majority of the other products are lovely. My fave tho are the meatballs, they are gorgeous with a homemade 0pp tomato sauce and pasta :), also the chicken pieces are very versatile for curries, or for having with the tomato sauce, sausages are really nice too, although they are the same points as some good low fat meat sausages.

Id say give quorn a go :)
thanks i think i will give it a go,everythings worth a try once
I love Quorn, and the new quorn fish fingers are delish :)
I used to be a vegetarian, and love Quorn tremendously. Not sure about other nutrients, but it's a great source of protein of course.
I can't say I like the fish-style Quorn personally, but that's largely because there isn't really much difference between the Quorn and a reaal fish finger...and real fish fingers are cheaper. Don't see the point spending out on them.
So cooked with quorn last Friday.I'm not a veggie but hate looking at bloody raw meat. 6pp for whole bag. Made chilli con carne.
Added onion tin of tomato and knorr mealmaker sachet.
Didn't tell my meatlover boyf and he didn't notice a thing then there was so much left over we had it again on Saturday,
Felt guilty so told him, he said he wod defo eat it again and wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell him.
I quite like quorn. The mince has a softer texture than normal mince but it's nice for a change. The burgers and bangers are good too. Think that's all of the range I've tried so far
i best put some quorn mince on my shopping list, if it tastes the same and saves pp then it'll be worth it, thanks
the quorn mince is 100g is 2pp
sausages are 1 at 50g is 2pp
i think the mince works out at better value as weight watchers do sausages
That's great thanks kaz :) I quite like the mince so may use it as an alternative. Are the weight watcher sausages 2 pp too? That is good but I suppose quorn sausages are lower in fat and good if someone wants to keep fat content down, although not the same in taste
i'm not sure what the sausages are because i dont have any to hand at the moment, i'm not sure if they were 1pp for 1 and 3pp for 2 but like i said i dont have any to hand and hopefully someone will correct me if i'm wrong
i'm not a lover of quorn but i'll eat it but none of my kids or my hubby will eat it made a huge spag bol a few months back and told none of them what it was and they all said it was yuk they thought the mince had gone off!!! i was eating spag bol for a week!!!!!!!
Thanks again kaz. I suppose it comes from doing slimming world I got used to quorn doing it. With the mince a trick I learnt was to boil the mince with some bovril (not sure on the points) I suppose you could use stock cubes or something.
It gives it a much more meaty flavor, if you drain off most of the juice and then add it to your spag bol, chilli etc...

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