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R.I.P. Jade Goody

Blonde Logic

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Love her or hate her - she lived her life her way...and ended it the same way....bravely.

Rather poignant to die on Mothers Day. Poor boys. This day will forever have double meaning for them - but I hope in a comfortin way, if you know what I mean.

Bless her and her family. :(

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Hear Hear

I hope her 2 little boys are allowed to pick up a normal life in peace.
I am pleased the publicity she generated will help others survive.
I feel sorry for other families who have gone through a similar experience without the chance to provide financially for their children's futre


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Oh no, I'd not heard!! Love to those boys!!! And on Mother's Day too.....


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very sad, those poor little boys.

i agree, poignant indeed that it is mothers day.

i think she has been great over the last few months - i know a lot of people have thought she was wrong to do what she did media wise, but i think she has done great things raising the profile of cervical cancer - proof by the 1,000s of extra tests that have been done.

and i don't blame her for wanting to get as much money as possible before she died - i have great respect for her

at least she is now at peace

daisy x


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This is so sad.
Her poor little boys!
She so doesn't deserve some of the stick she's received in her dying days.
She's so brave to have spent time making money to make sure her boys have the best possible future.
RIP Jade - my heart goes out to all the other people effected by this terrible disease


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Sad news indeed.
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A very brave girl to to deal with such a terrible disease so publicly.

My sympathies go out to her friends and family, especially those little boys.

R.I.P Jade Goody


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It's just tragic....but through her suffering she has raised an awareness of the importance of having cervical smear tests.
RIP Jade


Fighting Demons....
I really disliked Jade. From the moment she first set foot in the BB house, I was one of the people who really could not stand her. Never warmed to her at all. However, seeing the way she dealt with the news she had Cancer and making sure her boys came first changed my whole view of her. I think she was so brave and whether she meant to or not, she really has raised awareness for Cervical cancer and hopefully saved at least one girl from the same fate.

Her boys will have some fantastic memories of a mother to be truly proud of. RIP Jade.

B x


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I too am really sad at the news. I heard it today at my mums. I think good luck to her for wanting to raise money for her sons. She loved them and she used the only means she has at her disposal to secure their future. Publicity!
I wish her peace and I wish her boys well.


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Deeply Tragic and my thoughts are with her little boys.

Just makes you think how short life really is and how it can all end in an instant

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