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How long will you be unable to have a shake? If it is missing just one what about trying the flapjacks?

Someone last year was told by LT that if they were unable to have a shake for some reason (forgot to take it wherever they were going or unable to get to the chemist till later) then a glass of skimmed milk could be had instead - not entirely sure how much or if that is any help to you.

If there is absolutely no way you can stick to LT then the least amount of damage would be lean protein. Beware though that eating anything can lead to a slippery slope and really should be a last resort.

Sorry, I'm of little help to you! I'm sure someone else will be able to advise you better. If I could I would stick to LT 100%.

It's going to be very awkward as they've set up the whole day, champagne lunch etc, it wouldn't be so bad if it was with friends but it's a work thing.

First chance of meeting very important clients and don't want to ruin the first impression by not taking part. Was hoping to refeed for a few days before and then get straight back on it.

My mind is in the right place so I wouldn't have any problems getting back on the next day and have no intention of overindulging...


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Hi Jane,
just wanted to say whatever about eating, you know you can't drink alcohol on this diet without refeeding for the week beforehand. It is so dangerous, so no champagne, no matter what the circumstances are.
I know it may seem tough but staying on LT for that day isn't so difficult. I went to a wedding at the end of July and just ate the flapjacks and shakes. I also went on away for 10 days and kept to Lt during that time.
I know people on here say they thought breaking it for a day would be easy but they underestimated what happened when they tasted food and claim they had horrible hunger pangs and difficulty getting back on LT.
You will of course do as you wish but I just wanted to give you a word of caution.
Wishing you all the best.


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Jane, dont stray, ask for sparkling water instead of champers in the same glass it wont look weird and have a flapjack while you are there, just make your apologies and say you have a wee bit of a stomach upset, believe you me if you survive this you are invincible, oh and have the quiet knowledge that you can suck your tummy in more than anyone else!!! once you start this diet things should not get in the way, i dont mean to lecture but if you come off it it is so much harder to get back on and i speak from experience, i should have been at target long ago, but at nthe end of the day the choice is yours, we can only give advice x
Hi janelegs11,

I have a christening and birthday to go to in september - I've decided to continue with the shakes. I planned to continue my tfr journey until end september - although i won't be at goal then. I'm now thinking I'll carry on until goal - I'm in the zone !! that will probably be end october ish.

Please don't be tempted to drink unless you have done refeed for a week - its dangerous.:

Good luck on whichever journey you decide !!

Caren. x


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I agree with all the above but if you decide that you want to eat and drink on that particular day, then I would advise that you refeed for a whole week before and call Lipotrim for them to advise you on timelines to be safe.

The alcohol is an issue as it is dangerous, You would not want the important clients to see you taken away by paramedics. It is dangerous if you are not out of ketosis while drinking hun.

What ever you decide, I am sure it will be the best thing for you. Have a great time.
Hi janelegs11

I totally understand where you are coming from. Meeting important clients for the first time means making a good impression and so too with your work colleagues especially in this current climate.

The only thing I would say is, no matter how well planned and how good a place you think your head space is in - getting back on LT after even a short break is so much more difficult that the initial time or than one would imagine. I have no idea why but it is. Not only myself but quite a number of others have struggled after taking breaks as you will see from some of the treads.

But again, your job is important. So, lady, all I can really say is best of luck with whatever choice you make.
Oh god, between a rock and a hard place on this one, if it was an open room with a buffet style lunch, it wouldn't be too bad but it's a private box with the table set out and only 13 guests.

I'll have a word with the pharmist on Saturday.

I'll also gauge my loss on Saturday to see which way I need to go... If I did drink I would do the refeeding for a week before hand and then start back the next day.

Thanks for all your advice x x
For one day I really wouldn't stray from LT. Just smilingly tell colleagues/clients its a special diet, or "medical advice, but nothing serious" and don't eat and just drink sparkling water. they are unlikely to ask anything further, i would imagine anyway - most people are very discreet when it comes to medical matters.

you can still have a fab time, but also be clear headed ;)

i've done weddings, birthdays, weekends away, music festivals, family stuff, hen weekends - all sorts - on LT and had a great time at them all.

it would likely affect weight loss for 2 weigh ins, so it just comes down to whether you are prepared to make that sacrifice for one single event. and whether you think you can get back on LT 100% straight away after a week of having food. (i only say that cos i don't think i would have been able to so early on!!)

good luck with your decision and have a fab day out, either way!