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*** Rachel's Maintenance Re-Start Diary ***

Ok. So I reached target in November last year and up until about a month ago had been finding it relatively easy to maintain at a pound or two under my target. Since then I don't know what's happened and I just seem to have totally lost my SW mojo. I only have about 3/4 pounds to get back to where i'm happy but think a food diary on here will help me to find the motivation to finally lose it and keep it off.

Any comments very welcome :)
Rachel xxx
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Monday 28th June

First day of work experience and first day of my re-start. Should have said I only do EE since reaching target.

B- Fruit Salad (strawberries, apple, raspberries, blueberries, grapes)

L- Cheese salad (42g low fat cheddar HEA) and some grapes

D- Pork stir-fry

S- Small biscuit with fruit tea (3?)
Ice-lolly (4)
Milk Choc Fibre Plues (HEB)
FF Activia Yogurt
Plums x2

Syns- 7
Tuesday 29th June

Day 2 of work experience and getting up at 6am is really tiring me out! I'm definitely more of a night owl but still feeling motivated to get back to where I want to be!

B- Fruit salad (blueberries, raspberries, apple, strawberries, grapes)

L- Cheese salad (42g low fat cheddar HEA) and an apple

D- Chicken Paprika with rice

S- Fibre Plus bar (HEB)
Few pieces of Pineapple
Small dairy milk (5.5)

Syns- 5.5
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Wednesday 30th June

B- Fruit salad

L- Cheese Salad (HEA) and an apple

D- SW Chips, WW Sausages x2 (1 syn) and beans

Snacks- Grapes
Fibre Plus Bar (HEB)
FF Activia Yogurt
Curly Wurly (6)

Syns- 7
Thursday 1st July

B- Fruit Salad

L- Ham salad and an apple

D- Grilled salmon, roasted veg (butternut squash, sweet potato, peppers, carrots, cherry toms., red onion) and salsa

Snacks- Cherries
Fibre Plus Bar (HEB)
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** Note to self ** Must get some variety into my diet! Lunches this week have been a pain because i'm on work experience so variety will be easier there next week but I seem to eat similar things at the same time. Must remember to vary things a bit!
haha posts crossed! Yes I do. Got loads of great recipes for main meals for dinner that I love and eat varied all the time because I cook with my mum but lunches and snacks are a nightmare!
Friday 2nd July

Just got my exam results today and got a distinction (YAAAAAAY no idea how!) so think champagne will be on the go later. However, will try to keep counting!

B- Fruit salad

L- Pasta n Sauce


S- Small amount ham
Fibre plus bar (HEB)
FF Activia yogurt
Ok so the weekend was a tad of a disaster. Friday and Saturday ate and drank copious amounts as my parents took me out on Friday for a posh 5 course meal and them my boyfriend took me out on Saturday as a treat after my exam results. Was good on Sunday and kept a diary on paper but then today my best friend took me out for afternoon tea so there was no SW friendly alternative at all! This morning I was showing a 1lb gain which to be honest i'm pretty pleased with. I did do a 4 mile run yesterday and then power pilates today though. Anyway, i'm back on the wagon as of now and (other than the afternoon tea of course) haven't lost control today so feeling oddly pleased xxx
Thanks :). I was pretty amazed to be honest, wasn't expecting it at all! Anyway on with the plan today and am back to where I was after my indulgent weekend!

Tuesday 5th July

B- Fruit Salad and green tea with pomegranate

L- Pasta n sauce (tomato, onion & herb) had with water and skimmed milk so part HEA and raspberry tea

D- Chicken and Sausage hot pot (1 syn)

S- Grapes
Fibre Plus bar (HEB)
FF Activia Yogurt
Curly Wurly (6)

Syns- 7

Exercise- 4 mile run- 38 mins (PB for this summer, yay!)
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Wednesday 7th July

B- Fruit Salad

L- Leftover turkey hot pot and brown pasta

D- Chilli and brown rice

S- Fibre plus bar (HEB)
Small Dairy Milk (5.5)
Tea with milk (HEA)

Syns- 5.5

Exercise- Body attack 1 hour cardio- exhausting!!
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Thursday 8th July

Can't believe it's the 8th already! I'm off to France for a week on Saturday so starting to get together some SW friendly food to take but seeing as i'm going cycling in the Alps there should be plenty of body magic to keep the weight off!

B- Fruit Salad

L- Wholemeal pitta (HEB), Cheese 42g low fat (HEA) and ham

D- Salmon, jacket, salsa and sweetcorn

FF Activia Yogurt
Toffee (4)
Fibre Plus bar (5.5)

Syns- 9.5

Been so hungry to day but feel really bloated and yuk now. Eurgh.
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