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Rachy's Food Diary - Determined to lose the flabber!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by rachy86, 20 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Hi guys,:wavey:

    I'm new on here and ever so glad I found this site!

    I joined SW last Wed (16/3/11) and was absolutely distraught to discover my weight was 15.1 stone!!! Heaviest I have EVER been. I knew I had put on weight, but didn't realise I was as heavy as that!

    I am now determined to get down to a healthier and happier weight!

    Anyway, I thought I'd post up my food diary as you guys seem to be experts and I'm still getting my head around it to be honest!

    Day 1 -Thursday - EE

    B: 28g Ready Brek (HeB) with 100ml semi skimmed milk (HeA) (that was all I had left!) and the rest water (not so good, I don't reccomend it!!!!)
    Plus Orange.

    L: Tinned Spaghetti followed by another orange and a muller light.

    S: Gave in to a digestive biscuit in work 3.5 syns

    Dinner (or Tea as we call it in my house!): Jacket Potato with baked beans and 15g cheese - I used this as I'd only had 100ml of milk from my healthy A choice. Is it ok to mix them up? It didn't say not to in the book so figured it was ok.
    Had 2 spoonfuls of marg on my potato at 3 syns.

    Total syns = 6.5

    Day 2 - Friday - EE

    B: 28g Ready break with 200ml Semi Skimmed milk (HeB and HeA) plus an apple

    L: 2 egg ommlette followed by a banana.

    D: Syn free chips (yum!!) with bacon (all fat trimmed off) and an egg fried in fry light.
    Followed by an apple.

    S: Tesco Light Choices lemon cake - 3.5 syns.

    Total syns = 3.5

    Day 3 - Satuday

    B/L = syn free chips, bacon (no fat), fried egg and baked beans followed by a banana and an apple.

    D: Spaghetti Bolognaise (lean mince with all the fat drained out of the pan), carrots, onions, 2 mushrooms, garlic (all that was left again!!). follwed by a banana.

    S: As we had tea earlier than normal at about 10pm I had 28g Ready Brek with 200ml milk.

    Lemon Cake 3.5 x 2 = 7 (oops!!)
    Tic Tacs - 1.5
    Ketchup - 1.5
    one tablespoon parmesan - 1.5
    Jelly Sweets (recipe found on here!) 1.5
    Total = 12 syns

    Day 4 -Sunday - Today.

    B: 28g Ready Brek with 250ml milk followed by a banana.

    S: Boiled runny egg

    L: Have got a chicken roasting in the oven, but OH has just basted it with a load of I can't Believe its not Butter so am considering bypassing the chicken as I don't know how I would syn that? I told him not to mess with my cooking and does he listen?!! GRRR.

    Am not thinking I could make this a Green day as I'm not all that big on meat anyway.

    Also having Roast Potatoes (using fry light - figured that would make them syn free like the chips?), potato mash, carrots, swede and probably peas.

    Any advice on today's lunch would be great!! I do have weight watchers pork sausages in the fridge that I think are 3 points each?? so I could have one of those instead of weighing out chicken/working out the syns and still be following green - is that right?

    Confused :confused:

    I've been shopping this morning and made sure I picked up a bit more variety of fruit - pineapple, plums, bananas, apples and tangerines. Budget didn't stretch to any berries which I was gutted about but think I wil try and pick some up mid week once I have made a dent in all this fruit!

    Am not a massive veg fan and my SW Leader told me that If I didn't want superfree veg with a meal I could just have fruit straight after instead and it would still count. Picked up some nice salad today aswell though so I can make a few salads to take into work for lunch now the weather is a bit nicer.

    Anyway, I've droned on enough now - sorry!!

    Any advice/comments are greatly appreciated. :D



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  3. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Anyone?? :(
  4. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

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    SW Jan11-Feb12/now CC
    Hi Rachy :wavey:

    I'll work backwards from today's tea ... you can't make this a green day and have sausages hun ... your sausages are only 3 syns each if you have them on a Red or EE day.

    If you change to a Red day you can't have your roasties.

    If you change to a Green day you'll have to weigh your chicken and syn your peas!

    I think at this stage you may as well stick to an EE day.

    I'm glad you've managed to stock up on a variety of fruit today ... that was one of things I thought you were lacking in your diary.

    I think you could be eating a bit more overall which might stop you from reaching out for the biccies. However, there is nowt wrong with a biccie if you are happy to syn them.

    Mixing your HEA's the other day (cheese and milk) was fine x

    Enjoy and good luck with SW :D
  5. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your reply! Think I will stick to the EE day, thanks!!

  6. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Day 5 - Monday - Trying a green day!

    Orange followed by a 2 egg omlette.

    Lunch : Beans on Nimble toast (HexB) with a Tesco healthy living cheese triange (HexA).


    3 x jacket potatoes (they were small!) topped with 30g low fat cheese (Hex A). Thought the two cheeses would be the first HexA allowance together? Does that sound about right qty wise?
    Also had 2 tsps of I can't believe its not butter light on the jacket - 2 syns

    Not been feeling too hungry today, had an argument with the OH this morning which has dampened my appetite (mainly because it was about food! gr. normally I'd be reaching for the choc!).

    If i'm hungry later I will have a bowl of ready brek or weetabix later to use my other HexB and HexA allowances.

    Really struggling to work out what to use my syns on?! Is it best to try to use some in the meals and then leave some for snacks?

  7. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Day 6 - Tuesday - Extra Easy

    150ml semi-skimmed milk (HexA) with 2 weetabix (HexB) followed by a banana.

    Snack : Couple of strawberries

    Lunch : Omlette with 3/4s of a baby bel light (rest of HeA) - dropped the last bit on the floor as i was grating it and the dog gratefully hoovered it up!!
    :rolleyes: Lol. Had a bit of salad with it and an orange.


    An apple while this was cooking:

    Mashed potato with baked beans and M&S Gammon. It was cooked in a honey dressing type thing - checked the SW website and had 2syns worth.

    I can't believe it's not light in the mash - 2 syns.

    Followed by a plum. I know I prob could have had some veg IN the meal, but am not a fan of baked beans and veg together...apart from salad anyway. Next time I have this I think I could prob have jacket potato instead of mash and have a tidy salad with it to improve the 1/3rd part.

    Total Syns = 4

    As always, comments are welcome :)

    Tomorrow is my first WI and I am v v nervous!!!
    Meal plan for tomorrow is:

    B: Weetabix and milk with a banana.

    L: Salad (mixed italian style with cucumber and carrot) with some boiled potatoes, some of the left over gammon from tonight and a boiled egg if I get time to make one in the morning! Meant to do one earlier but got lost in time looking at recipes on here!

    WI is at 5:30 and then going over a friends for food as her OH is working away and she is longely! so not sure what we are having for food, but she said she'd do a salad so I can at least be partially good lol. :)

    Chopped up my pineapple earlier while tea was cooking so taking that into work to mix in with the left over strawberries from today and have a bit of a fruit salad after my salad salad lol. :D

    Do you guys think tomorrows menu looks ok?
  8. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

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    SW Jan11-Feb12/now CC
    Hi hun, you are doing really really well. Your meal plan for tomorrow looks delicious ;)

    Good luck for WI! :cross:
  9. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World

    Thanks hun, lost 4 pound so well happy!! Said in class that i wanted 2 pounds off this week coming now as I'm sure people lose more in the first week?

    Didn't end up having quite what i'd planned today but it was a free lunch nonethe less so its all good!

    Got a load of recipes to print off in work tomorrow to try and plan in for this week now - going to make the speed soup over the weekend I think and aiming to take the dog out for half hour twice a day to up my exercise!! eek feel well happy tonight :D:D

  10. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

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    SW Jan11-Feb12/now CC
    That's fantastic! Well done!

    It's a very good idea to plan ahead and look at some recipe ideas ... keeps it nice and fresh ;)
  11. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Week 2 Done

    Haven't been on all week as been really busy both in work and after work. Not been snacking on snacks so much this week as literally have hardly had time for lunch in work let alone stopping to eat an apple! :( lol.

    Had WI tonight and lost 2.5 pounds so well happy as now only half a pound away from half a stone! :D

    Today I had:

    B: 150ml skimmed milk and 2 weetabix topped with sweetener. Banana
    L: 2 egg ommlette topped with a small grating of cheese (I didn't weigh it - omm -but It was literally a tiny amount).

    Had WI at 5:30 so for tea tonight I was v naughty and had 2 slices of pepperoni pizza! ooops.
    Been craving pizza all week though (ever since my boss had a dominos on Friday and it smelt AMAZING) so figured I'd get it out of my system tonight so I can get back on track tomorrow.
    Not even working out the syns lol.

    Don't know if any of you guys indulge a bit after weigh ins?

    Tomorrow the plan is:
    EE Day

    B: Banana and apple followed by a shape yogurt.
    L: Wholemeal roll (HEB) with boiled egg and 1 tsp of mayo (need to check the syn value!)
    D: Gammon steak (grilled & minus fat of course!) with a jacket potato, salad and possibly baked beans depending how we feel. Followed by fruit of some variety :)

    Snack: 2 x mini baby bel lights plus whatever fruit I need.
    Syns: will prob b 1 syn for spread on my 'tatoe and not sure about the rest.

    Need some inspiration for lunch and evening meal ideas - dinners this week were:
    Thur: Spag Bol
    Fri: Ommlette
    Sat: Syn free chips and poached egg
    Sun: Jacket Pot with bacon and beans
    Mon: jacket cheese and beans
    Tue: burger and syn free chips,
    Having a lot of jacket potatoes as they are so easy to do after work and been on a budget :cry: this week so tried to make use out of what I had in,

    Doing a mix of G and EE days as I do love my carb.. but would like to try a red day somewhere but no idea what to have for lunch?!

    Comments welcome as always!:D
  12. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Attempting a red day today to try and mix it up a bit!

    For brunch I'm having 2 ww sausages(2 syns) in a wholemeal roll (hexb) topped with an egg. I was going to have bacon but my OH ate it all :(

    I don't tend to have three meals on the weekend so for evening meal I am planning:

    Gammon grilled and trimmed of fat, possibly with a chicken breast depending if OH remembers to pick some up, and a jacket potato (other hexb) with a babyleaf salad with cucumbers.

    Not sure what I am using my hexa on yet but have babybels in the fridge to snack on so will prob use it there.

    Also have shape zero yoghurts, bananas and apples to snack on.

    Does that sound ok to you guys?x
  13. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

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    SW Jan11-Feb12/now CC
    Sounds good to me hun! Enjoy :)
  14. rachy86

    rachy86 Member

    Slimming World
    Had a bit of an up and down week.

    Sunday: EE

    B: 2 Poached eggs on wholemeal toast.

    L: Went to my mother's for dinner and as it was a bit of a last miinute decision she didn't really have time to make any alterations to food to suit me so...

    One (large!) spoon of m&s mashed potato (scrumptious but couldn't bring myself to look at the nutritional value!!).
    2 weight watchers premium pork sausages (2 syns) - I brought these as the meat was lamb which is obv quite fatty and i know she would have basted it in all its fatty glory!
    Had 2 small roast potatoes, which according to mummy dearest were "not cooked in much oil"
    and then had veg of carrots and swede and a few boiled potatoes.

    Followed by....strawberry trifle :S :S only a small portion though!

    Didn't feel that hungry later in the evening so had a snack of a shape zero yoghurt poured over a cut up banana and a nectarine (while sitting next to the OH stuffing his face with a KFC - which I even went to buy for him!)

    B: scrambled egg made with 2 eggs followed by a banana.

    L: Was supposed to be a wholemeal roll with 1/2 hexA cheese in, but colleague suggested we go to the cafe across the road for jacket potatoes so ended up having a jacket potato with a teaspoon of butter (ommm - not sure of syns - 4??) and my 1/2 hexA cut up on top (took it out of my roll lol). Followed with an apple.

    Was my turn to bring in cakes for our monthly charity cake sale and I had baked a victoria sponge and chocolate cupcakes on sunday and unfortunately gave into temptation and had a V small piece of victoria sponge....everyone was raving about how nice it was, my boss hadTHREE slices and reckons it was the nicest victoria sponge he'd ever had!!! lol.

    Had an alpen light as half a HexB - didn't have the other one though unfortunately.

    Tea:then I made burgers from ex lean steak mince with a small jacket potato, with a lovely salad topped with the rest of my hexA cheese and some bacon with all the fat trimmed off.

    Fancied something sweet later so had an orange which hit the spot!

    Syns: who knows!!!


    Breakfast: 1 weetabix with 70ml semi skimmed milk. banana topped with shape zero yoghurt.

    dinner: wholemeal roll with "I can't believe it's not cheddar" in (rest of HexA) followed by an apple.

    tea: syn free chips, with a fried egg (fry light), fat-free bacon and baked beans.

    Syns: 1 for spread on my roll.

    Weigh in tomorrow so feeling a bit worried that my eating hasn't been so good this week - let myself down on monday by giving into the cake :(

    Got some nice meals planned for the rest of this week now, spag bol, going to attempt the gammon and egg loaf from the mag on the weekend, going to attempt the cabonara off the sw website one night too.

    Hopefully I'll still have lost something and not ruined it by giving in to temptation...fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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