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Rain ... Nooooo!

day 4 ... Still feeling good but this rain is killing me ... Had to get away from my desk for a break, but cannot go out as it's pouring!

So I am stuck in the work canteen watching 100's of ppl eat! I went out for a walk the past 2 days and avoided this!

Irrational thing is I hate the canteen food .. But it smells lovely today! Chips!

This is torture! Lol
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STAY STRONG, i know its sooo hard, but you will be so proud of yourself after.. dont think of what it will be like eating it.. think of the feeling you will have after. thats how i got through!
Thanks kimby!

Ah I know I am just glued to the board reading post to keep busy!

stay strong stay strong lol yeah sound s easy .. Weird isn't it explains how I put on weight it's not hunger driving me cause ... Just boredom n greed!
I'm also going to address my eating habits during the shake journey!! The amount I could eat in a day could feed a person for a week- no joke!!! It's scary and I really want to put a stop to it

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me too, i could definitely cut what i eat in a day in half and be fine like!
Its crazy when I think of all the calories, unnecessary ones at that, like eatin a fully lunch but still feeling the need for a bar of choc ... Pure greed! Ah well at least it getting clear in my head now! No more junk!


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me too, im gonna treat myself once in a while like one day out of the week, but i def dont wanna feel as crap as i did, i treated my stomach like a never ending pit, it has to stop. I really hope i can keep this mindframe. this site really helps when you talk to people who know exactly what your on about... you know? I tried on a pair of jeans that didnt fit me at christmas, and they do now, and im only on day 16, it feels great!!
I too have been thinking about how much I used to eat, I used to spend the whole day thinking about what I would eat next, chocolate was my downfall, I would eat 3 or more bars a day without giving it a second thought. I was constantly snacking now the thoughts of eating that crap make me sick. Once I start eating again I'm going to appreciate healthy food so much more. I have been to several family parties over the last few weeks and just had my milkshakes and when everyone else was feeling sick and stuffed after eating so much it made me so happy!!
Defo know where you both are coming from ... You think how did eat so mindlessly .. I've seen the light hopefully it stays bright now!!!

Chatting with like minded "with likewise uncooperative bodies" is such a help, provides distraction at the right moment!

Ah that must feel fab getting into those jeans .. I cannot wait to open my wardrobe and try on all the clothed I haven't worn on a year!
Hey Becky..

Your getting married in 8 weeks.. me in 11 weeks!!! Im at 398 pounds im wishing and hoping to get down to 330 or below!!! Best of luck.. Im not sure how im gonna order my suit.. as it takes a few weeks to tailor.. and im thinking inthose few weeks il end up losing more weight.. arghhh
Ah tell me about it .. I have 7 week till we go for the wedding it in Spain ... And no dress I just couldnt face fitting them on so big! But I'm going tomorrow to try some after my 1st weigh in!

Think I have found the one I want on the Internet which they make exactly your size, so like you I hope and expect this wont be my size in 8 weeks, so what do I order!! ... I measured my inches last week so after i weigh I'll check if those go down and have to make a call maybe take 2 inches off each measurement as they are tomorrow an hope that's rite!

Crazy isn't it! Only regret I have is lot starting sooner!

Maybe go to the shop and ask their opinion can't hurt! Oh and make sure n keep in touch let me know if you have any brainwaves!

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