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Hello i have decided to make myself a target thread, the reason is im getting no where fast on this diet and im disappointing myself, in turn spiraling me onto another binge im sick of this horrible cycle ive got myself into!!. i know i can do this diet i managed before and i so want to be at target for my 30th birthday which is February :) so here it goes as of NOW! i shall write in this thread as often as i can with thoughts and feelings, i will come here if i feel i am going to cheat on myself.
Good luck me :) xx:D
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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Gemma i love that dress in your profile pic, where can you buy that?! Its gorgeous. (not that i could pull it off but the style is amazing).

Good luck Rainbow!
My target is also for February (valentines day specifically)
Keep us posted about your journey! x


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Good Luck Rainbow, you can do it. I turned 30 last feb, wish i could have got to goal for then but had only started jan and had a huge amount to lose.

Just imagine how nice it will feel to be 30, fit and healthy !! sure that's enough to motivate you and if its not we are all here to give you a shove and a kick in the right direction. :)
thank you all for your positive posts i will keep you up dated and good luck to everyone xxx
morning thanks blingbabe well day 2 and i kinda screwed up a little yday so today shall be perfect :) weigh in tonight so i have to confess all to my cdc & move on.. i dont know how they put up with me! x
gemma is that your goal dress or do you just like it?? xx
thanks mrsessex
well today was a test at work, they had fish and chips for dinner.. but i resisted and sipped my water MAN IT was hard!!. However here i am just home with a cup of green tea and had half a cranberry bar so im happy. i bought some of that 'bach emotional eating' stuff yday you put it in water and sip it and psychological or not it seems to be working for me :). so im off to get my comfy clothes on and stay in for the night its pouring here. oh and didnt go to my weigh in last night so rescheduled for tonight :) i hope ive STS after the start of the weeks balls up :)
i stayed the same pphheewww onwards and downwards now :) xxx
Yes, good news on STS this week, I'm intrigued too about the Bach remedy?!
(Seeing people eating fish and chips would be one of my worst nightmares at the moment)
hello people im back from my wknd away was really good i ended up having a meal on sat though and a few wines whoops but im back on it and fine :) im not gonna beat myself up about it, its in the past.
about the bach stuff i emailed Cambridge and i got told that anything that wasn't in the plan should be avoided so i think i will lay off it unless i feel im gonna totally cheat xx
UGH been bad got weigh in tmrw so another week where i have lost f all :( im gonna change my weigh in day back to tues like last time and see if this helps x

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