Ramblings of a vlcd life

Awaiting my silicone moulds and gonna order some new you products for a change anyway as they are cheap.

got my 2st loss this week exactly. Fingers crossed for a 3.5/4 loss next 2 weeks I’d really like to cross out of the 14s for the 26th but I seem to be averaging at exactly 3lb a week recently so might be doubtful 😂
Wow you are doing so well :)
Well done
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S: 16st9.8lb C: 14st9.7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 2st0.1lb(12.02%)
Moulds here and tried a few meals in them. Handy enough jobs.

also ordered some hyaluronic acid and some collagen supplements as my skin is not great at the moment. I know it’s next month before I’ll see any difference but it’s a good time to start taking to help avoid loose skin as well.

Think this week is gonna be a slow week as no shift in scales since last Sunday 🙈 but I’ll just keep on trying- there is only one plan and it’s stick with this until I hit the magic mark. I know if I do anything else I’ll be back at square one.

in other news got my legs lasered when getting bikini done and I was amazed as the difference in my thread veins!! My knees since pregnancy on the inner sides looked painful as the veins were so bad but they are drastically reduced. I can only imagine what a few more treatments might do!! Also made me look into it and I’ve booked for facial laser to target my Celtic redness! It’s not until late July and it’ll be my birthday treat! So excited, hopefully I’ll be seeing collagen benefits then and it’ll prolong the Botox!! Which I’ll probably need a too up of come November!