Random pains (little bit worried)


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hi everyone,
im just at the end of day 9 and im really hungry and not the "its all in my head hungry" im genuinely hungry and have been since about 3pm. ive drunk the max amount of water i can and in the last couple of hours ive started having pains in my stomach and down my side. i wondered if this is normal and if anyone else has had the same. :confused: ive had such a good couple of days i thought the worst was over.... i was wrong. :cry: i hope someone can help.....
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hey hun sorry to hear youre feeling horrible.. youre doing so well.. did you drink the water in a hurry?? it might be trapped air. also any chance it could be a bit of constipation?,, im sorry im no of much help but all i can say is,, maybe have a green tea or peppermint tea to help your tummy, go to the loo and then get some sleep, maybe with a painkiller if its really sore, hopefully itll just pass.... let us know how you are in the morning... keep positive and hope you can sleep...*hugs* xx


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Hey Shakes,

I think I sort of nkow what you mean.

Its like pains at the sides of your waist like trapped wiind or a stich like pain?


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i got stomach pains, well felt more like muscle pains rather than cramp, had them on the right and left side. Still get a bit now but doesnt really bother me
Hope they go away for you soon :)


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st3lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 1st1lb(6.2%)
yeah like shooting aching pains all down my side in my ribs area. these are only down my left side which is weird. i hope it goes away soon too. glad im not on my own tho :)